Chapter 21

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"What of the families of the ones you kill?" Althea asked. "Would they not be alone?"

He just sighed before giving a sad smile. "Look here honey, I have led an army of rouges before, even killed. But never have I ever taken an innocent's life."

"And if you have never been a rouge before you won't know. If you think being a rouge means freedom, you are wrong. The loneliness that you feel will eat you from inside. And when you are alone and no one to fight for, you become ruthless and do anything to be in the comfort of the pack once more."

Althea didn't blame them for wanting that but she still could not understand them.

"I don't blame you for wanting to be in a comfort and security of a pack but to drop this low? To what extent are you ready to soil your soul?" Althea asked.

He just laughed. "Do you not fear the wrath of the goddess?" she asked again.

"Honey, the moment I became a rouge, I stopped believing in the goddess. I decide to create my own destiny. And the day that I die, I know I'll fall in the pits of hell." He said, "But while I live, I'll do what I can do to survive."

There was still something she wanted to ask him. The only thing that she asked every rouge she encountered.

"Do you know Hela Silvermoon?" that was her last question to him.

For a second, he was shocked to hear her name but he recovered quickly. "How do you know that name?" he answered her with a question. But Althea wasn't known to take a question for an answer.

"Do you know her?" she asked firmly.

"The incarnation of the goddess herself. Who wouldn't know her?" he said to himself. He was looking at her but seemed to be in a deep thought.

"Six years ago, these men, they came to me. They said that if I helped them kill a certain Alpha, they would make me the Alpha of the pack. They said they didn't want their pack. They just wanted the Alpha and Luna dead."

"I still remember that night. I was misled into attacking my own goddess. Even though I stopped believing in her, I would never even think of attacking her let alone murdering her." He gave a sad smile.

"When I stood in front of her, I knew who she was. I fell on my knees and did the only thing I never thought I would do. I asked for her forgiveness." He paused a while.

"Do you know what she did? It was unbelievable." His eyes shined with unshed tears.

"She told me that she forgave me. Me, the bastard, that went there to kill his goddess. I left the battlefield and did the most ignorant thing in my life. I handed the red dagger back to those men before I left. The very dagger that they asked me to put through her heart."

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