Chapter 13

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Aries thought that Althea would be scared of him now that she has seen this side of him. He thought that she would not want him and run away from him. But it was opposite of what he thought. There sat Althea with anger in her beautiful face.

When Aries came to his right mind, he was confused for a while. What was she talking about? Ace wanted to know as well. Aries didn't even realise that he was griping her hips. He slowly loosened his grip.

"Who is them, love?" he asked, searching her eyes. "What are you searching for?"

"Answers" Althea said calmly "from my parent's murderer."

Aries thought he was the only one suffering but his mate was suffering as much as him or even more. He had known his parent's killer and killed them the second he found out. But Althea was going all over, hunting them.

He slowly pulled his hands away from her sides and gently cupped her face. This helped Althea take her mind off this topic. He looked into her eyes with so much sadness. He wasn't going to ever let her go. He leaned forward so that his forehead was touching hers.

Then he did something that shocked them both. He brought his lips down until it found hers. He looked into her eyes as their lips touched, asking for permission. When she closed her eyes as a sign to continue, he kissed her passionately, sparks flying everywhere.

Her hands slowly made its way up from his chest to his neck and to the back of his head, gripping his hair tightly and pulling him closer. They forgot about everything in the moment. It was just them in the world.

After what felt like hours, they let go of each other to catch their breath. Aries moved his lips, kissing his way to her jaw and down into the crook of her neck. He kissed and sucked the spot that he was meant to mark her. He rested his head and breathed her sweet vanilla and lavender scent.

"I want to mark you" Aries said.

As much as Althea wanted him to, she could not. She had to tell him who she really was and with each passing day it was getting harder for her to do so. But she could not tell him right now.

"One day" she replied.

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