Chapter 10

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Aries helped her move her little belongings that she had which mostly included a pile of dirty clothes that he sent to laundry. Aries placed the t-shirts that she took, back into the closet and said she could use whatever she wanted before asking her to join him for lunch. To which Althea nodded.

The dining was buzzing with people that quietened down when they felt their Alphas presence and someone else. They all turned to the door to see their Alpha holding hands with a beautiful girl as they made their way to the table. It looked as if they came out of a picture. Their body, their posture held so much power, so much dominance. They looked godly.

They stood behind their chairs at the head of the wooden table which was long rectangular shaped.

The Alpha's voice boomed, "Everyone I'll like you to meet Althea, my mate. I would like you to welcome her as much as I do you."

"You may continue with your lunch." he said. Althea appreciated that Aries had not announced her by the title Luna.

The people around the table sent congratulations and the chattering began.

After lunch Aries went to his office to do his Alpha duties and offered her to join to which she declined without a second thought. She already had done her fair share of work as an Alpha and she didn't even want to be near one right now. So, she went to the tree that she sat the day before and continued watching the warriors train.

Today, they knew who she was and did not even dare to glance her way. They knew their Alpha's temper too well to mess with their Luna.

Althea watched the boy Alex from yesterday. He was still doing his funny moves to the air. After half an hour of him not getting anywhere with his suppose training, Althea stood on the branch. She held the hem of the t-shirt this time before jumping off the tree softly without a sound.

She didn't mind people's eyes on her when she stood next to him. When Alex felt someone's presence, Alex turned around. He bowed as soon as he saw Althea.

"Luna" he said, his head still bowed.

"I don't like being called that" Althea told him. "How old are you?" she asked.

"Eighteen, Luna. Sorry" he said quickly.

"Call me Althea." she said

"Can I help with anything?" he asked her curious.

"Help? You cannot. But if you are the one who needs it then I can." Althea said, making Alex confused.

"I do not understand." Alex told her.

"Since when did you start your training?" she asked, ignoring him.

By now all the warriors were listening to their conversation and wondering what was so interesting in Alex that made the Luna come to him. Maybe she wanted him to quit as he was making no improvement whatsoever, they thought.

"Six months ago. When I first shifted." Alex replied.

"And you had no training prior to that?" she asked.

Alex just shakes his head.

"Meet me here at five in the morning tomorrow." With that Althea departed.

She was going to train him personally. She didn't know why but she could not ignore him. She felt a need to help him which she never did with anyone. Yes, she would train with her warriors in her pack sometimes but train them herself? No, she did not.

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