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Althea knew what she had to do when she heard the screeching screaming from outside. Her dad had told her not to come outside, to stay hidden. But she could not follow her dads command anymore for she knew that it was time for her to fight.

So, she stepped towards the large window, slamming against the glass window that shattered like pieces of diamond against the sunlight. She was in the air jumping from three story high and landed smoothly on her feet, one knee slightly touching the ground. It had been weeks since she had been following her dads command and waited patiently in her room, locked away from what was happening outside. While her dear parents and warriors was fighting to protect her and the pack.

As soon as the rouges saw her, they started making their way towards her. The air around her howled, she stood there with a deadly aura. Without a hesitation, she strikes every single rouge to their death, making her way to where she could smell her dear mother.

After what felt like ages, she could see her mother fighting three rouges at once. Even though the rouges lacked the muscles that other pack warriors would usually have, she could see that they were strong.

But she knew that her mother was stronger. She could not be easily defeated but that didnt mean she could not help her mother.

After Althea made sure that there was no rouge on her way to her mother, she ran her way towards her and took one of the taller rouges by his neck by surprise and snapped it without blinking an eyelid. And was back to back with her mother.

When her mother realised that Althea had left her room, where she was safe for few more days, it made her growl with anger. How could she just put herself in danger?

But as she was already there, they could use some help, she thought. "We are going to talk about this later, Althea" her mother said through her gritted teeth.

"But for now, we are in war, do not lose focus" with that said, she focused back on bringing her opponent to the ground and snapping the rouges neck with a swift motion. Althea did the same and turned to hug her mother. Her mother gave her a kiss on her forehead and took a deep breath in before letting her go.

"Mom-" she was cut off shortly as everything happened so quickly. Her mothers expression changed to that of horror as she turned Althea whilst hugging her so she was facing whatever was coming in Altheas way. She groaned as pain radiated through her body from the sharp dagger that was sent flying by the rouges.

It was not just any dagger; it was shining bright red like it was sucking the life out of her mother. As soon as it pierced, it shined brighter and vanished with red dust.

Her mother soon started to slip off of Altheas arm but Althea grabbed her mothers now weak body and sat on the ground with her mothers body in her small arms. Horror on her face, she starting to whisper, "No, no, no..."

There were three figures on the far end on the left side by the tree. Their face hidden from the shadow of the trees. They knew that the goddess will not let a child get hurt. But little did they know that the child was her own.

As soon as they saw the goddess fall down, they knew that her mate would be weak now. They already knew that they had won. So, without a moment's hesitation, they made their way out of the red healer territory.

She could hear her mothers rasped breath whilst her eyes fluttered to keep them open. "My dear sweet child" she whispered.

"Shhh, its ok. Everything is okay. You are safe." Until then Althea didnt even realise that she was shuddering as she continued to say no.

"You must protect the werewolf world. Reunite them for they have forgotten that they are all but one. You are stronger than you think...more powerful" Her breath was rasp but she still continued "Destiny has great plans for you, my dear. You will rule with great people beside you-"

She took another short painful breath "You are the daughter of the goddess herself. Do not live for revenge for they dont seek the truth. Punish only those that deserve it. My death should not blind you but be a path for future" tears slipped off her eyes.

At this point Althea had tears flowing down her chin. "I'm sorry mom, I promise I'll get stronger, I'll do as you say so, please stay with me." Althea whispered taking her mothers hand to her face so it was cupping her face. Her mother gave a weak smile then looked right in her eyes.

"I love you my baby girl. My time on this land is coming to an end. But remember Ill be watching over you." she said slowly taking short breaths in-between every word she said. Her voice now barely above whisper, she said, "I love you Rand. I always have. I always will. Ill wait for you on the other side..." turning her head to where her mate was fighting rouges who was still unaware of the situation.

She knew that he will hear her. She took one last breath and went limp, her hand on Altheas face fell to her side as she closed her eyes. Rand knew that his mate was hurt but he could not get off of the rouges to get to his mate.

Until he felt her gone. The pain of losing a mate was so unbearable that he lost focus for a while and that was all that rouges needed. They took this chance to slash a silver knife across his chest.

He growled in pain of both losing his mate and the freshly opened skin on his chest. Without a warning another pulled a knife and stabbed it on his heart, slowly falling to the ground with a loud thud and a growl. But that did not seem to stop the rouges from attacking.

Althea looked in the direction of her father to see him fall to the ground as she screamed "Noooo" from her lungs, making everyone stop to see what was going on.

Time seemed to have stopped for Althea, as she looked at both her parents laying on the ground. She knew that both her parents had left her. If only she was stronger, Althea thought. If only she had more power, she would have protected them, if only...

Then an aura so strong radiated from her. The air around her howled like never before. Her midnight black hair, turned silver and danced with the wind and her eyes glowed white. The small girls body radiated so much power. All the werewolves there, be it pack warrior or rouges, could smell her power and dominance. Above all the anger and sorrow from the tiny little girl, crouched by her mothers now limp body.

When she raised her head high enough, they saw her glowing silver white eyes that made everyone shudder in fear. She gave a deadly look, her face void of emotions of a little girl who just lost both her parents.

Before anyone could move, Althea tore the rouges chest and pulled their hearts one by one in what seemed like a glimpse. No one was able to keep up with what she was doing until she stood by the last rouge. She pulled the heart of him and his body slowly tilted sideways and fell to the ground with a thud. Everyone was so shocked; it was only seconds before that she was crouching with her dead mother in her arm.

But now she looked like a goddess of death as she squeezed the heart that was in her hand until it burst and splattered everywhere. Althea looked crazy, her little body now covered in blood, her hair and eyes still silver white, her face hard with anger. She held power in her little body that made all the pack members kneel down in submission.

"Alpha" the voices boomed.

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