Chapter 2

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Now that Althea was sitting alone at the bar staring into nothing. The men on the bar couldnt help but lust over the beautiful dark-haired girl on the corner of the bar.

Her straight long hair flowed flawlessly along her shoulder that ended just above her hip. Her porcelain skin made her full lips seem red. Most of all her dark eyes showed so much at the same time so little which made her mysteriously attractive. But the air around her surrounded with some unknown power that no one dared to approach her. Even when concealed, they could still feel dominance from her.

Feeling like she wasted enough of her evening in the bar, Althea swiftly stood to her feet, sliding her backpack on one shoulder, she moved across the bar heading towards the door. The men's lustful eyes followed her as she closed the door behind her.

As soon as she stepped outside, she smelled this sweet scent that seemed to fill the air. She looked around to see the source of the scent. Her eyes landed on the white car that drove past carrying the smell that Althea couldnt ignore.

Instantly she ran following the car close enough, but far away to not alarm the werewolves in the car. After what seemed like hours of chasing, the car made a right turn and entered a territory feared by many.

Lydia and Katie had already taken information on the Blue Blood pack. The pack ruled the whole of North America and their Alpha was the strongest in the whole of America. He was known to be the most dominant and powerful Alpha there was.

But her warriors had confirmed that they had nothing to do with the rouge attack six years ago. No, he hated the rouges, he despised them, killed them on sight if seen anywhere near his territory. So, there was no way that the Alpha could be with the rouges.

Althea knew the intoxicating scent was that of her mate. But gave a low growl of annoyance at the fact that her mate was on this pack. She debated the whole night whether she should go look for her mate or not.

She didnt want anyone to know that she belonged to the Red Healer pack let alone the Alpha of the pack. But no one had seen her face, as she was too busy finding her parents killer. All the Alpha meetings were attended by the Ash or Liam. Heck! No one even knew she was a girl.

They only heard the tales about how someone in the Red Healer pack stood up against the rouges at the age of eleven and became the Alpha. The Alphas ruthlessness and fierceness after the war did no help in containing the news. Soon the Alpha was known to be the cruellest Alpha that hunted down rouges.

Even before when her parents were alive, her identity was only known to the pack members and no one else. No one knew that her parents had a child. They said it was to keep her safe until she was strong enough to protect herself. But now Althea did not care enough to let anyone know.

When the sun started to come out, she made the decision to go to the Blue Blood territory, find her mate and then take him with her back home. She opened up her back pack, took out a spray and sprayed herself so she smelled like a rouge.

Then pulled herself on her feet and slid her bag pack on both shoulders. She knew it was a bad idea but little did she care. She had no other way to explain herself if asked who she was and what she was doing. And she would never reveal her true identity to anyone, definitely not anytime soon, not here. So, for now being a rouge saved her some explaining to do about her trespassing and once she finds her mate, she can explain it to him.

Althea knew that she would be attacked on sight. It's not like they wouldnt attack her if she wasnt a rouge but at the moment, she thought it was better that way.

Its going to take longer for me to return so take care of the pack until then. And also, do not try to contact me. Im going to be busy and I'll be back in about a months' time, she mind-linked Ash and blocked him off before he could say anything.

She didnt want to risk mind linking anyone in their territory because rouges dont have a pack, they dont contact each other. They are on their own unless they chose the company of another rouge.

She then made her way towards their territory, concealing her own scent, knowing soon the three wolves patrolling the pack territory will smell her.

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