Chapter 35

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Althea is unconscious. Hurry to the west wing of the hospital room 12. Aries heard his beta mind-link him.

After hearing the news, it was like Aries tail was on fire, he sprinted his way toward the hospital. Even though the bond was broken, he could still smell the vanilla and lavender in the air indicating her whereabout. Little did he know that their bond was still hanging by a thread that could break the moment Althea fully accepted his rejection.

The door burst open, literally flying off the hinges that hold it together. Alex and Math both turned to face a dishevelled looking Alpha. Aries, not losing a moment searched for Althea's body and once he saw her unconscious on the bed, he rushed towards her, only to be blocked by Alex.

"Alpha, with all due respect. Please step away." Alex pleaded Aries. The man who treated him like brother all those years when he had nothing. When he was nothing.

Aries still looking at Althea's body, "Move Alex." He growled.

Conflicted in his dilemma, Alex finally decided that Aries might need Althea to calm the ragging monster that was inside him before he started ripping out souls from every single body he could find. He took a step aside, letting Aries pass through.

When Aries was close enough, he held his trembling hand to reach her face, to once again feel that soft skin. But he could not do so. This face did not belong to him anymore. He had set this beautiful angel away from his life. He knew he should not feel anything for her now but he still felt it, somewhere in his heart, he still loved her.

"What happened to her?" His voice heartbroken asked for someone to fill him in.

When Alex didn't reply, Matt answered him, "My guess is as good as yours. I have no clue, Alpha".

"Alex, Im not going to ask again. What happened here?" Aries growled.

Just then a guilty looking Warren made his appearance. He silently walked into the room and straight to the foot of the bed Althea laid in as three pairs of eyes followed his movement.

"It was all because of me." Warren managed to whisper.

Upon hearing this Aries jerked up to him and chocked his neck, "How could you do this? How dare you hurt Althea?" He growled out each word. His word suffocated Warren more than the force on his neck.

"Alpha Aries, let him go." Alex said with a hint of warning in his voice.

"I shall send you where you belong. Hell." Aries shouted out completely ignoring Alex. Ace resurfacing as his eyes started to glow with fury.

As Warrens eyes started rolling back, Alex knew he had to stop Aries. He would not be able to face Althea if something happened to Warren. She gave her life to save the man. So, without hesitation, Alex walked forward and gripped Aries arms that connected with Warrens neck and forced them to release his neck. Shocked by his outburst, Aries grip on his neck loosened as Alex pulled Warren behind him who was now busy taking big gulps of air to fill his now empty lungs.

"Are you challenging me Alex?" It was Ace who now spoke.

But Alex did not back down or submit to this Alpha. The only person he would ever submit was to his goddess and no one else. He had been touched by her blood so no Alpha could force him into submission. So, Alex now stood in front of Ace, holding his glare. While the other two bowed down their head in submission.

"My, my, my. What do we have here?" The deadly aura in the room was cut through by Geralds sarcastic voice.

The three had followed Aries as he frantically ran away in the midst of war. They were not alone as they bought a group of company with them. The once empty room was now crowded with the group of war hungry werewolves that were ready to rip apart anyones head.

"This makes it so much easier for us. I cannot believe my eyes. So, you are saying that the Alpha trying to hunt us down was a female. And while we finally meet, she is not even conscious to greet us?" Gray started to laugh while the other two followed.

The four quickly ran towards Althea's side, Alex took Althea in his arms and made an exit from the window at the back while the rest followed suit. But unfortunately, it led them directly to the war. After a few more steps, they stopped as the group of rouges stood in front of them and the three at the back, blocking them of any exit. The field around them roared with the cry of war. Alex laid Althea on the ground and the four stood around her forming a protective barrier but also very much ready to attack.

"If only we knew, we would have showed up years ago and saved you all the misery of looking for us." Gerald remarked.

"This makes our job so much easier. I mean we even took down a goddess before, a female is no comparison to her." Harvy added.

When Alex and Warren heard this, they were shaking with rage. They finally found the one that took their goddess away from them. While the other two who had no clue of what was going on, looked even more confused by their words.

"You shall not live past to see the sunrise, you filthy creatures." Warren growled as he made his way towards them only to be blocked by Alex.

"Warren, calm down. We don't know what these cunning bastards have up their sleeves yet." Alex said calmly while his heart was raging with fury.

"Clearly, you should listen to your friend, lad." Gerald spoke. The only thing they had up their sleeves were the words of lies they spoke but they didn't need to know that, Gerald though. He was the most cunning of them all.

"This one is a smart one" he continued to which Alex growled.

"I still remember the day; the goddess left this world. Sad isn't it?" He asked to no one in particular as he continued.

"Oh, how she wanted to unite everyone. And she did. For a while." He shook his head.

"We were always at the top of the food chain. You see, we three are born Alphas, these lowly rouges can never be equal to us. I dont know what she was thinking. The weak ones are born to serve us, to be ruled by us." He took a few steps toward them, making the four more alert than ever.

"See the goddess are not meant to meddle with the lives of werewolves that she made. But she did. And we do not appreciate it." Gerald voice now filled with venom.

"You were hurting your own people. You are supposed to protect the ones that are weaker than you. That's what Alphas do. What right did you have to meddle with their lives then?" Aries asked still angry for Noah but he did not dare move and leave a hole in their barrier.

"You still dont understand. In their service, their reward was their life, a home to live and food to keep them alive. What more could the weak want?" Gray replied back.

"Then you could have just lived the life the goddess granted you with. You had a land to live, a stomach always filled, why did you want more?" Alex asked.

Gerald laughed. "We always wanted more. The goddess made us greedy when she reincarnated. She was the most powerful now more powerful than us. And she lived amongst us despite that. So, she had to die. Because we could not come to power with her residing the land. She had to go."

"We ruled again." Harvy started and pointed a finger in Althea's direction, hatred in his face.

"Before this little one decided to come for our neck. He seethed. To whatever pleasure we own to her, that I don't know. And I don't intend to find out."

"She will not live to tell her tale." Gray added, stepping forward.

Gerald turned around facing the rouges." This pack wants to take your ruler away from you. Are you just going to watch?" His voice boomed. Snarls and growls alike came from all directions, the rouges already manipulated by Gerald, believed his every lie. He then turned back towards Althea as he lifted his arm up in the air and slowly bought it down so he was now pointing at their group.


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