Chapter 32

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While Althea was unconscious for a few days, a war had broken out. Unaware of all this, Althea laid peaceful in the white sheets of the hospital bed where Alex stood guard beside her.

In her deep conscious, her soul looked for an answer and when she didn't get any, she gave up trying. She was lost in her own world. Now she just laid on the soft mattress of green field, her long white dress sprawled all over along with her hair. Her eyes closed as she faced the sky, sun kissing her beautiful face.

Here, she was just a girl, all the problems in her life forgotten at that moment. She laid bathing in the warm sun, the birds chirping in the distance and the wind swiftly blowing, playing with the tall grass around her and the little white daisies, dancing along. This was her safe haven.

"Daughter" a sweet voice broke her peaceful slumber. But she did not mind hearing this voice. She had yearned to hear this voice for so long. Althea opened her eyes and sat up, looking towards the direction where she heard her mother's voice.

Upon seeing her, Althea got up and ran towards her. She flung her arms around her dear mother, her eyes flowing freely.

"Mom" Althea breathed out.

"I have missed you so much. So, very much." Althea whispered.

"Oh, my sweet little child. I missed you too." Her mother said kissing her hair. "When did you grow so big" she said as she let out the giggle Althea loved so much, making her giggle along with her mother.

Hela softly brushed her daughter's hair as they embraced each other a littler longer. They slowly parted, Althea's face had tears streaming down her face. Hela brushed it off and smiled at her little girl.

"I'm sorry for all the mess that I left behind for you, sweetheart. But for you to take over my place, it had to be done. You had to be stronger without me. You had to build people's trust and belief in you as Althea and not as Hela's daughter."

"You have suffered so much in such a short time. But you rose every time you fell. You never let anything deter you from what's right. Not even your mate." Hela said.

Althea looked down at the mention of her mate, hiding her face which told the story of heartbreak. Hela placed her hand on Althea's chin and lifted her face, making Althea look into her mother's eyes.

"Destiny faced you with so much challenge. She tried to break you to see how you would react. It was her test to see how determined you were. So, she did one thing I feared the most." Hela face showed sadness but she continued.

"She played your heart. She gave you a mate then she took him away as well."

Althea shed silent tears as did her mother. But Althea didn't utter a word.

"And you know what, you did it. You showed her that your stronger and wiser beyond your age." Hela quickly wiped her tears and said smiled, "You are ready."

Althea shakes her head, "No mom. Nothing I do is right..." A hiccup escaped as her tears fell.

"Nothing is right. I have failed so many. I have disappointed you. I am not strong." She said in between her sobs. "I bring downfall wherever I go, mom."

"Shh child. Hush." Hela whispered as she hugged Althea back in her arms. She rocked her sideways until she felt Althea calm. Then brought her away so she could once again face her.

"Everywhere you go, you heal the wounded. You unite the weres. Sane or rouges alike. You are a true goddess, Althea."

"It's time you head back and completed one last task on earth. Then you shall be free. You will be where you truly belong." Hela said, her voice now serious.

"But mom, I don't know what to do anymore-" Althea started to say but Hela didn't let her finish. She placed one hand over Althea's heart and the other cupped her face, "In here, you know." Hela said.

"Now go back. I'll be waiting for you. Remember I love you and am always with you. In here." She said motioning her eyes to her hand on Althea's heart. She took Althea in her arms one last time and whispered before she disappeared like a smoke.

"Go Althea, daughter of Hela. Go."

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