Chapter 33

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Blood. Blood was everywhere. It painted the green grass now angry red. The vast field now had mountains of dead body or detached limbs lying around, making the once peaceful land, a scene unfolding from horror movie. Weres fighting weres. Brother and sisters fighting each other, tearing their limbs, ripping each other apart. The horror continued.

But there stood the same three man that once erased the earth of its ruler, of its goddess. Getting protection of the innocent rouges who knew no better that to follow the vile creature that promised them things the rouges could only dream of. Hoping that once the war ended, they will be free of the eternal loneliness they faced. Little did they know, there would be no life left to be freed. They were not going to see the sun rise the next morning and their stories of how bravely they fought would fade along with their decaying body.

The three men who were know as Gerald, Gray and Harvy was as coward as one could tell. Always hiding behind the stronger while invading their mind with poisonous thoughts and making them the puppets of their adventure and a shield to attacks they could not block.

All their lives, they have continued to commit sins so livid that even hell would close its door on them. After death there was no place for their souls to rest or even to wander. Only a void space of nothingness waited for them for they could never be forgiven.

However, they had no remorse for the crimes they committed. They will end up committing another. The three equally to blame. When they heard the news about some pack, searching for the three of them, they planned to destroy the pack. They manipulated all the rouges they could, offering whatever they desired and giving false hope for the future, in return for playing the pawn in their game.

They were also to be blamed for Noahs death. After they found that a rouge had taken hospitality from the Blue Blood pack, they were vexed on finding that rouge and killing it. But what would change? One less rouge in the world. They thought. So, they came with a mastermind and planned to take the Alphas brother to show him the consequences of taking one in and showing his weakness to the world that he had grown soft. Unfortunately for Aries, he ended up losing his brother but the three were successful in destroying what they thought to be a rouges life.

Later when they found the three brothers from the Red Healer pack, they were so close to getting the information on what the pack wanted with them. But the goddess was with them so they got away until they finally tracked them in the Blue Bloods land. Gerald and the two were ready for the war with the large army of rouges at their disposal.

When Aries got closer to where they were, they noticed the familiar features that they had seen before. The two clicked together and the three of the looked at each other and started laughing hysterically.

When they were done, Gerald finally found his voice, You know you seem undoubtedly familiar to that kid. And he continued to laugh.

Upon hearing this, Aries who was still in his human form, started shaking violently.

He was one hell of a bastard he was; I tell you. Harvy said.

The fucking bastard almost bit my hand off. Gray joined, pushing his sleeves higher to show a tiny but deep bite mark on his forearm, Left a mark didnt he he said as if asking a question.

This enraged Aries further and he lunged towards them. Gray to be more specific. But the swarm of rouges blocked his path and attacked him from everywhere. The three still laughing by his outburst, disappeared in the midst of the rouges seeking their protection from the now enraged Alpha.

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