Chapter 8

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Aries made his way to his room with Althea right behind. He did not like how she was dressed and how the boys were gawking at her. Of course, she looked beautiful, there was no doubt, Aries thought.

He walked straight into his room and into his closet. He bought a few pair of his tops and trousers. He walked to Althea who was standing next to the window, looking outside, analysing the view from his room which was facing the other direction from her room. She could see the sun about to set. There were also patrollers around the boarder.

"Here take this." He said handing her his clothes.

"Are you going to reject me?" Althea asked, her voice emotionless, her body still facing the window.

Aries flinched at her question and clutched the clothes in his hand. He let out a dangerous growl.

"Is that a yes?" she asked again.

He hesitated before he said, "You are a rouge."

He said it as if it was a sin to be one. Althea herself was haunting the rouges but never did she think that every one of them was evil. She even had some rouges join her pack.

A good example was Lydia who was a rouge whom she met while haunting for her parent's murderer. She was abused from her previous pack so she ran away from them, making her pack less and a rouge. She was almost dying when she found her but she was a fighter.

"Is it a sin to be one?" Althea asked never taking her eyes off the view. It was getting darker as the minute passed. When she was met by silence of her mate, she could not help but close her eyes and let out a deep breath.

"Reject me" Althea wasn't asking now.

Aries was shocked. He let out an angry growl. He was furious. He wasn't ready to let go of the mate, he thought he could never find. She was everything to him even though he hardly knew her. She took his soul the moment her eyes met his.

However, he wasn't ready to tell her anything yet, even though she was his mate. He couldn't trust her. She was a rouge. He clutched the clothes so hard that it started to wrinkle.

Althea slowly turned around, looked him in the eye. Her eyes held so much sadness at the moment. She knew no matter how much she wanted a mate she would never force anyone to be with her just because of the bond. She wanted a mate, to love each other unconditionally and be like her parents, live together and die together.

He knew what she was going to say, his eyes widened, "I, Althea Garcia-" before Althea could reject him. Aries dropped the clothes, zoomed her way and wrapped his arm around her. She felt tingle all over the moment his hand came in contact with her.

"No. You will not reject me" Aries shouted. His eyes turning dark, his wolf surfacing. How could he let his mate think like that? Ace, his wolf, questioned him. She was the most precious being. They would be nothing without her. Ace kept to saying to him.

For the first time, he was afraid, afraid that this beautiful mate of his will reject him. The great Alpha, the cold-hearted and emotionless Alpha was scared. For the first time he was truly scared.

"Look, I'm sorry. I was being a jerk to you this past week." He hugged her tighter, his voice breaking, "It's just that I can't trust a rouge. But I'll try. For you. For us. Please don't reject me." He quickly added.

Althea took a deep breath, taking in his scent. She slowly bought her hands up and placed it on his back lightly, just this once, she told Ava. Just this once. She told herself.

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