Chapter 17

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It was already getting darker and her feelings were getting more out of hand. Althea knew that Aries had already arrived with the other packs. But he still hadn't come to find her or send anyone to get her. She just sat on the same stone by the lake that she had been before with Aries. She just leaned back and stared at the sky while Alex stood leaning against the tree behind her like a shadow, always close but never acknowledging his presence to her.

Althea didn't want to come across any packs right now for it will be difficult to reveal her real identity later on. She had already misled enough people into believing what she was not. She didn't need anymore.

She sighed and got off the rock and started making her way towards the pack house. She was going to tell him now. She didn't want to betray his trust anymore.

When she was in the forest clearing, she could smell them. When you see me, do not address me as an Alpha no matter what she quickly mind-linked them.

Yes, Alpha she heard them reply back and before they could question her intent, she cut them off.

Alex noticed the change in her. "Is there any danger?" he asked now alert.

"No Alex. The pack Aries bought just seems to be mine" Althea shook her head before heading towards the front door.

The people's voices were everywhere inside the house. Some were on the kitchen and some sat in the living room talking in a hush voice. But she didn't care enough to listen to their conversation. Althea felt the presence of her pack in the office with Aries, Matt and Tray.

Althea slowly made her way towards Aries's office. She knocked a few times before Aries asked her to come in. She opened the door, stepped inside and closed the door shut behind her.

Six pairs of eyes watched her as she moved away from the door into the room. Aries sat on his chair behind his table in front of the window with Matt and Tray standing on either side. He did not look pleased to see her. He was angry for some reason.

Then there sat Ash on the chair across Aries, turning towards Althea with Lydia standing on one side and Ashton on the other. They gave a silent look indicating their respect towards their Alpha.

"What is it Althea? I'm busy right now. Can it wait?" he asked her sternly, his voice held anger towards her. Althea stood there confused. Had she done something wrong? Althea thought to herself. Then she asked it out loud.

"Have I done something wrong, Aries?" Althea asked, disappointment clear in her voice.

Aries let out a growl and but didn't reply. The silence was paper thin in the room. When Aries didn't respond Matt started to say, "Althea-"

But Althea held her hand up, palm facing his direction to stop him from saying anything and giving him a deadly look. He bowed down his head in submission.

"Have I?" Althea asked softly again.

Aries growled again before replying. "Can we talk later, Althea? I don't want to discuss this right now." He tried to dismiss her but Althea was not having any of those. No one dismissed her not even her mate.

"Have I?" Althea asked again but now her voice a tone lower but deadly.

Aries's anger seemed to grow as the questions repeated. "Leave us alone" he growled out a command to everyone. Even though Ash, Lyndia or Ashton was not from his pack, they could not disobey an Alpha's command.

But this also seemed to snap Althea. She was beyond mad now. She was furious because one, Aries was being stupid and second, he refused to give a reason for his stupidity. All he had to do was give a reason for his anger. Strangely, Ava was starting to fume as well. Even if it was her mate, they did not disrespect her in front of others.

"Nobody leaves" Althea's voice boomed, stopping everyone in their track. Matt and Tray were shocked by the dominance her voice held. It was strange, she was a rouge but where was all the power coming from? they thought.

"Nobody dares defy my command" Aries spat out each word, his voice too held dominance. He shouted each word at her.

"And nobody dares disrespects me" Althea spat back the words at him.

Aries too furious, slammed the table and broke it into half. He was too blinded by his anger that he forgot who he was talking to. His mate. His other half.

"The rouges have started to think I have gone soft. They think so because I have taken in a rouge" he spat the words at her, looking right in her eyes.

"They think they can disrespect me. They think they can rage a war against me. They think they can kill the members of my pack right under my nose."

His words were like venom to Althea but she did not show what she felt. She still stood there, head held high, her face, expressionless. He blamed her for the death of his people. Althea knew the reason for his anger now. But Aries didn't stop.

"They think they can kill my only family."

That woke up Althea from her heartbreak. "Who?" she whispered.

"Who did they kill?" Althea demanded an answer now. But Aries was gone over the point of no return.

"I should have never taken you in." Althea felt like a knife was stabbed on her heart.

"I should have made Matt kill you the instance he came to me. I wish I had never met you." He looked right in her eyes and into her soul with so much pain, anger and loss.

"I never want to see you again."


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