Chapter 5

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Althea sat on the guest room that the warriors had bought her to. The room was average in size and had a double bed at one corner next to the tall glass windows which she was leaning against. She looked at the kids running around without a care in the world. They were running around in circle whilst laughing.

A small boy noticed her staring at them from the window on the third floor. He instantly loved her and thought that she looked like an angel. He gave a wide grin on her direction and waved at her, while she just looked at him.

The boy was good looking. He had a light blond hair and baby blue eyes. His face held some baby fat making him look adorable. When he grew older, he will have all the girls falling for him.

The boy went back on to playing with the others. Althea looked at them for a moment longer before she got tired of it. She now focused on the surroundings that stretched far.

The clear ground was stretched for a few miles before it was met by the tall trees which made it impossible to see beyond but not to her. She looked at the forest that was getting darker by the minute. She could see far beyond the forest where four guards were patrolling near the border of the pack. It was impossible to escape their sight. But if she wanted, she could easily leave the pack, she thought.

A knock on the door brought her back from her thought. The door opened after a few knocks and her not replying to them. Matt carefully entered the room, opening the door wide enough. But Althea did not take her eyes off the scenery outside nor did she acknowledge his presence.

"I was wondering if you were hungry and wanted to eat." Matt finally said to Altheas back.

Matt was nervous around her for some reason. And the fact that she was his Luna did not help. Matt didnt even know her name to begin with, wondering if it was alright, he said, "Im Matt, beta of the Blue Blood pack." He scratched his head.

"May I know what your name is?" he finally said and let a huge breath out.

Finally, Althea turned her head to Matt. She made her way to the bed and sat down with her leg elegantly crossed.

"Althea" she replied.

For a second, Matt thought that she was not going to answer him. He smiled and said, "Luna Althea." and slightly raised one brow.

It felt weird to hear someone address her as Luna. Her whole life she was known to as an Alpha. She smirked, if only he knew, she thought.

"May I bring you anything to eat Luna?" he asked again.

"Call me Althea. I dont like that title." she said.

His face looked confused for a second but quickly recovered. She was a rouge, maybe she didnt feel comfortable being given a title suddenly, Matt thought. Then he just nodded.

"Water. If you may please." Althea said to Matt.

Matt mind linked one of the others to bring water to the guest room. "It will be here in a minute. Do you want some food?" Matt asked again.

"Im not hungry." she said.

"But you havent eaten anything the whole day-" he started to say.

"Im a rouge remember. I have gone weeks without eating. A day of not eating is not going to kill me." she said sternly.

Matt thought about the life she might have been living as a rouge and felt sorry for her. He was about say something when the small boy from before emerged from the door. He held a tray with a jug of water and a glass.

"Sid had to see Alpha so he asked me to bring the water." said the boy.

Althea was amused by this boy; he showed no fear when he walked towards her. Althea knew she smelled of rouge but this boy was something else. He put the tray beside the table and looked at Althea and asked, "Water?"

Althea nodded and he poured her a glass of water and handed it to her. She took the glass from him but he kept staring at Althea. To that Althea raised one of her brows.

"Sorry. You are so beautiful. You look like an angel." he said.

Althea smirked at this boy. An angel? She was far from an angel. She was a demon feared by all.

"Little boy, whats your name?" Althea asked.

"Noah. And what is yours?" Noah smiled widely.

"Althea." she replied.

"Do you have no fear?" Althea asked.

"Theres no danger here and nothing to be scared of so, no I have no fear."

She was liking him with every passing moment. He was speaking to her as if he were her friend. She wondered if Noah felt her dominance or if he was too naïve and innocent to notice anything. But even though he didnt feel it, surely, he could still smell her as a rouge. The rouge smell will linger on her for couple of days more. But this little boy didnt care.

"Can you tell what I am?" Althea said.

He just stared at her and grinned. He nodded his head but said nothing. Althea sighed at him and stretched one arm forward and put her hand on his head before ruffling his soft blond hair.

She knew it was their dinner time by the smell of food coming from the kitchen. She smiled at him for the first time and asked him to go promising to meet again.

This whole time Matt was staring at the two leaning against the wall next to the door. He too made his way out after Noah, saying good night. As he made his way to down to dinner, he chuckled to himself. This rouge is amusing, he could not wait till the alpha accepts her as his, as Luna. She would be great and he knew that. Matt thought to himself.

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