Chapter 34

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In the meanwhile, Matt wandered around the hospital ward, looking for any signs of the Althea. He had not seen her after he bought their pack in the Blue Blood land. He knew that the only person that could now stop and even end the war was Althea herself. He knew she was special when the war broke out after Noah's death.

Matt saw her for more than an Alpha, but he could not point out exactly. He knew that her Beta and the other warriors was fighting alongside his warriors outside. Heck, he even saw Warren fighting when just a day earlier, he laid in the hospital in coma. So, he went looking for Althea for answers about how all that was possible. And he knew she was the only one who could provide him with some. When he reached the room that Warren laid before, he pushed the door open and stepped in.

A very alert and defensive Alex stood before him ready to strike him to death, if he were to be an enemy. Matt stood frozen by the door, both hands in the air, announcing that he had no intent in attacking him.

"Goddess, Alex. Its me, Matt." Matt said.

When Alex relaxed a little, Matt pleaded, "If you are here that means Althea is around. I need to talk to her. Can you please tell me where she is?"

Alex did not reply to him but he turned his head to the side. Matt followed his eyes and found Althea's body lying on the white sheets of the hospital bed, her face peaceful and calm. Almost like she was taking a nap on a beautiful summer day.

"What happened here?" Matt managed to whisper. He just could not take his eyes off Althea's unresponsive body.

Alex was debating whether to tell Matt everything. He stood silent for a while before he decided to tell him. Sooner than later he was bound to find out anyways.

"Althea's body is too weak right now. She has gone to a deep sleep to recover." Alex told Matt.

"But how? I didn't even see her go to war yet. How did she get into this state?" Matt questioned further.

"And don't even try lying to me. I have been looking for her for a while now. And I know she was not out there." Matt warned, now looking at Alex.

Alex stared right in his eyes as he spoke, "Look Althea did something that drained her of her energy. Something that only she could do."

"And what is that something that drained her so much that she cannot even open her eyes?" Matt enquired further.

"Look Matt. Don't push me too hard. I dont want to be the one to say it." Alex was debating between lying or just not say anything at all.

"Alex tell me now before I inform Aries of this." He gave a final warning.

"Please Matt, don't do this. Sorry I can't-" Alex started to say. But Matt's eyes were already clouded as he mind-linked his Alpha before it turned clear.

"Too late now. He's on his way."

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