Chapter 29

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"I will keep everyone united. If I have to be, I will be their hope. If they need healing, I will be there as well. We will all always be friends, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, we will all always remain as a family. No matter what. This I promise you today, Althea" Ash said firmly.

"Thank you." Althea's voice was barely above whisper. She gave him a small smile.

"The warriors must be waiting for us. Let's go" Althea said now raising her voice.

"Yes Alpha" Ash replied.

All the warriors were lined up and waiting for their Alpha and Beta since their Gamma Liam was already there in front. When Althea and Ash reached the front, she gave a small nod to Liam and turned around so she was facing her pack warriors.

"My dear friends, today I stand among you all to share a sad news. Our family members were attacked today. I share this news with you not to grow hatred inside of you. I don't want any of you to be consumed by hatred." Althea's voice boomed.

"But if they hurt my family for no particular reason. I shall personally make sure they don't live to tell what happens when they mess with one of us." Her voice was deadly. The wind blew violently, sending her long midnight hair flying away from her face. Her eyes the same colour as her hair. The radiance she was sending off was deadly.

"We do not have time to waste. I'll assign each and every one of you of your duties before we depart." Althea said calmer.

"Team Darren, Team Katie, Team Austin, Team Julie and Team Marco." Althea announced.

"Yes Alpha" replied the whole team.

"I want you all to stay behind and protect those who cannot fight. I want you to keep our home safe. I want you to become the hope for the rest of us." Althea said.

"Gamma Liam" Althea commanded, turning towards Liam.

"Yes Alpha" Liam answered a bit startled.

"I want you to be the leader here while Beta Ash and I am not present." said Althea, voice full of authority.

Liam looked tensed for a bit but he replied anyways, "Yes Alpha."

"I still want you to keep training the members that are not ready for this war. Anything can happen. Always stay alert." she said

Once again Liam's response was "Yes Alpha" but this time with was with more sureness in his reply.

Then she turned to the rest of her warriors.

"Team Lydia, Team Ash, Team Meridian and Team Kay" she commanded and was answered with "yes Alpha".

"You will be with me in the front line. I want you all to be safe. Follow every order given by your leaders."

And once again, the open field boomed with "yes Alpha".

"I have already asked Ashton to tighten the patrol. Now it depends on you all to protect everyone here. Always remember we are stronger together." Then she did the unexpected and bowed her head.

"Please keep our home safe. Please be safe." Althea said softly.

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