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A/N: HAII LE UNICORNS! So I reached a total of 1k views!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR READING MY STORYY. I kinda messed up on chapter 9 cause I forgot to add Jungkook's view in the chapter xD. I know, I don't really make sense. But enjoyyyy~~~~~~~~~~~

Jungkook's View

I heard someone talking with BoNa. Who? I grabbed a broom incase if it was a ghost so I could whack it with it. I was walking slowly towards the couch, cause that's where I heard the voice.

BoNa- "BOO!!!!!!!!"

Other Person- "BOO!!!!!!"

I whacked the person with the broom without realizing who it was.

Person- "YAHH!!!! STOPP!!! THAT HURTS!!!!!"

Me- "V?!!?! The hell are you doing here?!?"

V- "BoNa and I have a play date, so please leave us be"

BoNa- "Yeah. Oppa, go to your room. We don't need you here"

Me- "What are you? My mom? Hahahahahah.......no" but I still went to my room.

I laid down on my bed. I started having a staring contest with the red wall. Some part of me made we wanted to call Krystal. I don't know why, but I just want to.

•Me- Are you free?•

•Krystal- Yeah, why?•

•Me- Wanna go out for bubble tea?•

•Krystal- Sure ^^•

•Me- Pick you up in 10 minutes ^^•

I got ready and was gonna head out.

BoNa- "Oppa, where are you going?"

Me- "Bubble Tea, want some?"

V- "MEEEEEE!!! I WANT BUBBLE TEA!!!" where did he come from?

Me- "Too bad. You guys don't get any because you guys had a play date without me"

BoNa made puppy eyes, she acted like she was about to cry.

Me- "Not gonna work" although inside, I was saying yes cause she was just too adorable.

I left and went to pick up Krystal.

I knocked on the door. Krystal's mom was at the door.

Krystal's Mom- "Can I help you?" she said in a sassy way with attitude.

Me- "Uh...Is Krystal home?"

Krystal's Mom- "And you are?..."

Me- "Her friend from school. We're going out for bubble tea" it was getting awkward.

Krystal's Mom- "KRYSTAL!! Get your butt down here! Your boyfriend is here!" Krystal came down running.

Krystal- "Mom! He's not my boyfriend. Don't mind my mom ^^" again, she showed me that pretty eye smile. I just nodded and let her inside my car.

There was a moment of silence between us until Krystal spoke up.

Krystal- "So.......what's your favorite bubble tea flavor?"

Me- "Hmm.... I like coconut. What's yours?"

Krystal- "I like chocolate."

Me- "My sister likes that flavor too ^^"

Krystal- "Really? That's nice."

We arrived at the bubble tea shop and were greeted by Sehun.

Sehun- "Why are you here again? Aishh go to another bubble tea shop!"

Someone- "OH SEHUN! Is that how you treat your customers?!"

Sehun- "Sorry, manager..."

Me- "So.... You don't want us here?"

Sehun- "I don't want you here but my manager does. So hurry up and order and leave."

Krystal- "A Chocolate and Coconut Bubble Tea please ^^"

Sehun- "Ugh...okay" he went back to make the bubble teas.

Krystal- "He's pretty rude"

Sehun- "I HEARD THAT!"

Krystal giggled like a little kid. It was adorable. More than BoNa.

Sehun- "Here, coconut and chocolate. That'd be $6.97" he reached out his hand for the money and I gave him the money then we left.

I opened the door for Krystal then went inside on the other side.

Me- "Wanna go to the mall if you're free?"

Krystal- "Sure ^^ and thanks for the bubble tea"

Me- "It was nothing ^^"

Krystal's View

I got in the car and we drove to the mall. The first thing he said to me when we arrived was-

Jungkook- "So, are you hungry?"

Me- "Uhm...yeah. Kinda."

Jungkook- "Then let's to eat! Kaja!" He opened the door for me and dragged me towards the food court. We stopped in front of a pizza place.

Jungkook- "You want pizza? Or something else?"

Me- "Pizza's fine ^^". There he goes again, blushing.

Jungkook- "U-uhm a medium pepperoni pizza please"

Cashier- "Okay, that's $8.97"

Jungkook handed the cashier his card.

Me- "Omo! Are you blushing?" I pinched his cheeks softly.

Jungkook- "W-what? B-blushing? O-oh..... It must be because it's too hot in here" he pretended to fan himself.

Me- "Don't lie ^^" I lightly punched his arm.

Jungkook- "A-ani, why w-would I l-lie?"

Me- "It's obvious. You're stuttering"

Jungkook- "I am not!"

Me- "Aish, you are so childish. I was just kidding"

Jungkook- "The pizza should be here by now" he tried to change the subject. I just nodded in reply.

After about 3 minutes, the cashier came out with a medium pepperoni pizza. We took the pizza and sat down at a table and started eating.

Me- "Aish, slow down. You'll choke."

Jungkook- "But I'm hungry," he pouted.

Me- "There's enough to fill your stomach."

Jungkook- "Aren't you eating?"

Me- "Oh, sorry." I grabbed a slice off the tray.

I started eating then felt something touch my lips.

Jungkook- "Who's the little kid now?" He wiped the sauce off from the corner of my lips.

Me- "You have some on yours too," I wiped the sauce off of his too.

Jungkook- "R-really?" He started blushing.

Me- "Omo! See? There you go again from blushing!" I pinched his pink cheeks softly.

Jungkook- "Aishhh,"

Jungkook's View

OMO! I think I'm falling for her! She always says I'm blushing. But, am I? Am I actually blushing?! AISHH!!!

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