☆Part 17☆

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EunMi's View

Jimin- "Yeah. I don't like EunMi in the hospital because I care about her."

Me- "Yeah. What Jimin said. At least someone cares."

Jungkook- "That's a miracle! Someone cares about EunMi!" He stood on his chair and started clapping while everyone turned their attention to him.

Teacher- "Jungkook, please sit down, or see me after class." And all of his "fangirls" laughed.

Me- "How is that funny?" I had a blank expression. Just then Krystal made her way over here.

Krystal- "Wow. Jinja? You have no sense of humor. Oppa, that was so funny." She faked laugh.

What a b*tch. I'm surprised she even has courage to face me after what happened.

Jungkook- "It was funny. Especially since no one cares about EunMi." He laughed.

Jimin- "Um...hello? If you forgot, I'm the one who cares about her. Unlike you heartless humans."

Krystal- "What do you mean 'heartless'? Do you think we'd be dating right now if we were heart-"

Teacher- "Krystal, please return back to your seat." She made a fake sad face while going back to her seat. Ew. So ugly.

The teacher told us to continue on our research and if we needed to go to the library, we could go.

Me- "Get up. We're going to the library." I told Jungkook coldly and left without waiting for him.

I reached the library and Jungkook didn't even bother to come here as my partner. That's fine with me. I'm used to doing all the work anyways. I decided to search for books about elephants. I don't get why we have to do these elementary projects.

As I was scanning, I saw a book about elephant facts. But the problem was... I'm too short to reach the book... No one tall was around to help me. If only I had Lee Kwang-Soo's number... So I just tried. I stood on my toes trying to reach the book. I kept on trying over and over. I wasn't paying attention to any other things around me. A hand from behind me reached out to grab the book. Was that a ghost? I immediately lost my balance and fell on top of the "ghost".

And the "ghost" turned out to be Jungkook. We locked gazes for about 30 seconds which seemed to be forever... Finally reality came back. I immediately stood up and brushed my skirt.

Me- "You shouldn't scare people like that..." I looked down because I was supposed to say 'Sorry' (because I fell on him) but I wasn't gonna give in and apologize to him because of what happened at the hospital. He's the one who should apologize.

Jungkook- "Shouldn't you say 'Sorry' and 'Thank You' for falling on me and using me as a human mattress so you didn't hit the ground?"

Me- "Not my fault you creeped up on me."

Jungkook- "Me? Creeped up on you? I was just helping you." He gave me a cold stare and grabbed the book.

Me- "You could've at least said something so I knew you were there." I returned the cold look back to him.

Jungkook- "This was the book you were trying to get?" He held the book out and I grabbed the book and headed to a table without responding to him.

I sat at a table while Jungkook sat on the other end. I scanned through the book while Jungkook "slept". While Jungkook was sleeping, there was a ray of sunlight shining on his face. The sunlight made Jungkook look 999999999% uglier, but it's okay because he's always ugly.

I got up and searched for more books about animals/elephants. I found about 15 books about elephants. This school library sure has a lot of animal books for high schoolers. I piled up the books next to Jungkook's face. He's been sleeping for about 25 minutes now. It's time for him to get up. I grabbed a book and smacked his head with it.

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