☆Part 27☆

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EunMi's View

I heard another door opening very loud which was pretty rude so Chanyeol and I turned around to see who it was.

Me & Chanyeol- "Jungkook?!"

What the heck is he doing here?!

Jungkook- "What?.." He made an awkward face.

How can he just say, "What?.." Are you serious, Jungkook? -__-

Chanyeol- "What the heck are you doing here?" Chanyeol pulled me closer to him.

Jungkook- "I live here.  Duh," he walked in between us and headed towards the elevator.

Gosh Jungkook is so confusing... He's nice, and then the next moment he's cold.  Weird kid...

Chanyeol and I followed behind Jungkook because we were all heading the same way.  We all entered the elevator but Chanyeol kept on making sure I wasn't close with Jungkook so I gave him a sign that it's okay.

We all got out of the apartment and we kinda parted because Jungkook went the other way.

Me- "Um Jungkook? You're going the wrong way..."

Jungkook- "I am?.."

Chanyeol- "Yeah. Schools this way, idiot."

Jungkook- "I'm not an idiot," um...

Chanyeol- "You are an idiot, right EunMi?" Gosh why did he have to drag me into this?.

Me- "Be quite. You're both idiots. Happy now? Hurry up and let's go or we're gonna be late," I walked in front of them and went solo.

While we were walking, I'm guessing Jungkook and Chanyeol were secretly and quietly fighting behind my back because Chanyeol would be by my side, and then the next thing you know is Jungkook is by my side. It just continued on and on like that until we reached school.

Gosh these two are like half kids and the other half are puppies because I swear, they even followed me to my locker still fighting! =_= People are giving me weird looks. They're embarrassing me...

Me- "Oh my goodness. I give up. Come here. Both of you," I acted like I was a teacher. I'm surprised they actually listened.

Me- "Here," I linked both of their arms together. Chanyeol's arm was linked to Jungkook's arm.

Me- "Stay like that. Be nice to each other, unless if you want to die," I gave them serious looks.

Jungkook & Chanyeol- "A-arraseao, e-eomma.." This is funny...

We walked to class together but it was more like I walked by myself and Jungkook and Chanyeol walked together.

Jungkook's View

Gosh I hate this. Aish this girl and Chanyeol.

We walked to our seats and Krystal came up to me.

Krystal- "Oppa~ Where were you yesterday?" She glanced at EunMi.

Me- "I was um..sick yesterday," gosh still acting like she loves me. Her acting makes me want to puke.

Krystal- "Are you okay? Are you feeling better?" She touched my forehead. I removed her hand and leaned back towards EunMi not wanting Krystal to touch me.

Me- "I-I'm fine."

Krystal- "Arraseo oppa," she went back to her seat.

EunMi- "What are you doing? Aren't you brave enough to tell her what you saw?"

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