☆Part 30☆

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EunMi's View

Aish I'm so tired...I opened my eyes and- What in the world is he doing here?!?!

Me- "What are you doing here?"

Jungkook- "Being a nice person and lending you my shoulder."

Me- "Sorry......" Wait why did I apologize?

Jungkook- "It's okay... In exchange you can just lend me your lap."

Me- "Wha-" and without even finishing my sentence he laid his head on my lap.


It's already been an hour. Why is his nap so long? I'm missing out on class ;-;

I took a peak at Jungkook.  He looks peaceful.  For once he actually looks cute~ I can't believe I just said that.......I didn't say anything..

I took a closer look at his face.  His lips look so soft.....it's not like our lips hasn't touched yet.......

Jungkook- "What are you looking at?" He smirked.  Shoot.  What excuse do I make now??? What do I do??!?!

Me- "U-um..there was something on your face..aha..."

Jungkook- "Really? Are you lying?" He smirked again.


Me- "O-of course! Why would I lie?" I chuckled to make my acting not so bad.

Jungkook- "Okay. If you say so," again he smirked.

Me- "Yah!"

Jungkook- "Hm?"

Me- "Aren't you gonna get off of my lap?"

Jungkook- "Let's see, school ends in about 30 minutes so just wait for 30 more minutes."

Me- "Aigoo..."

But is the time even right? I checked my phone and OMG WTF IS THIS.

Me- "YAH!! What is this?!?!" I showed him my phone.

Jungkook- "Your phone. Duh," he chuckled.

I scanned through my photos and look at all of these photos omg.... They all look the same to me....

Me- "Why are you so creepy?? Taking pictures of me while I'm sleeping? Creepy guy," I shuddered.

Jungkook- "I'm not creepy..I just have great photography skills!" He sat up, so in other words he got off of my lap.

Me- "Aigoo..."

I practically skipped the whole school day ;-;

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