☆Part 7☆

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EunMi's View

Class ended and I walked out. As I was walking out, someone tripped me. Ouch.

I looked up to see who the hell tripped me and it was Jungkook. He looked at me and just smirked and walked off. Wtf?

Me- "YAH! Jeon Jungkook! Do you want to die?!" I shouted and everyone looked at me. Jungkook didn't even look back to reply

JaeHee- "Omo! EunMi. Are you okay? What happened?"

Me- "That manwhore, Jungkook, tripped me. But I'm okay ^_^ " I tried to smile it off even though my knee was stinging.

JaeHee and I walked to the cafeteria. We bought our lunches and sat at a table. We started eating then JaeHee spoke out of nowhere

JaeHee- "OMFGGG I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!! Me an Mark are partners!!!!!!!!! MY FEELS!!"

Me- "Dude chill. You sound like a sasaeng"

JaeHee- "No I don't!"

Me- "Sureeeeeeeee"

JaeHee- "-__-"

We both ended up laughing for no reason

Lunch was over and we went back to our classes

Jungkook's View

I really don't know why I tripped her. But it felt kinda nice to trip her cause no one likes her. Lunch just ended and I'm on my way back to class

EunMi was already sitting at her desk reading a book. I wanted to ask if she's okay but someone was too fast

Jimin- "EunMi~ Is your knee okay?"

EunMi- "Uhm yeah. It's okay" she looked up from her book

Jimin- "Really? If you say it's fine then I believe you ^_^"

Since when did Jimin hyung act this nice? Weird........

I sat down next to EunMi and there was an awkward silence

Me- "Is your knee okay?"

She didn't reply

Me- "Did you not hear me? Hellooo?" Still, she didn't even look up from her book

Me- "E-U-N-M-I! Is your K-N-E-E okay?"

She still didn't talk back to me. I grabbed her book so she would listen to me talk


Me- "Omo. I'm so scared. Someone help me" there was sarcasm in my voice, but hell yeah I was kinda scared seeing EunMi shout like that

EunMi- "1..........2..........3..........4....."

I gave her back her book. Geez. What's so special about it

EunMi- "That's what I thought -.-"

EunMi's View

I was reading my book peacefully with some background noises -.- until the birdbrain grabbed my book. I have him 10 seconds to return it and he returned it within 4 seconds haha.

I continued to read my book but-

Me- "WHERE'S IS MY BOOKMARK?!" I yelled at the birdbrains face

Jungkook- "Woahhh calm your horses. You were at page 97"

Me- "I'm surprised even a birdbrain like you would remember" I muttered under my breath

Jungkook- "What did you say? -_-"

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