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Authors Note- THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR 50K READS!!! I'm literally so freaking happeh!! But I feel bad at the same time for not updating since May 26... Sorry for taking forever to update. It's because the summer came and I kinda forgot about this story. And sorry that this chapters ending is kinda boring. This chapter wasn't edited so if you see any mistakes, please tell me.

Jungkook's View

Earlier I got a call from my aunt. She said she was sick. Of course, I was worried because she was in her 50's and I think that's pretty old.

My aunt lives all the way in Daegu so I planned on going today and skip school tomorrow. I'll go home tomorrow maybe afternoon.

I went and packed a couple of my clothes and set off. My aunt already told my parents and I was going to visit her. I went to the train station and bought a ticket to Daegu. But the thing is, she told me to go to this one address where I've never been to before. Did she move?

When I boarded the train , I saw EunMi sleeping... So of course, I sat next to her. There wasn't much people on the train since it was getting kinda late.

All of a sudden her head rolled over to my shoulder. Aish this girl. Can't she just sleep like a normal person on the bus? I don't want to bother her so I'll just let her sleep on my shoulder.

About an hour later, EunMi woke up. She stared at me blankly.

Me- "Annyeong."

EunMi- "Why are you here?"

Me- "I'm going somewhere."

EunMi- "Don't talk to me," she turned to the other side and continued to listen her music.

Rude girl. She should've at least said "Sorry" or "Thank You" for sleeping on my shoulder.

EunMi's View

Wow that was embarrassing. But I don't care so yep. I just sat on the train until it arrived to Daegu. Just about 30 more minutes. I can do this. I shall survive sitting next to an idiot...


Train- "Please get ready for the stop at Daegu."

I stood up and went towards the door and so did Jungkook. Is he following me??? He better not...

The doors opened and we both got out. I went and saw a taxi. As I was about to grab onto the handle of the taxi, someone else grabbed it. It was Jungkook.

Me- "Move," I gave him a stern look.

Jungkook- "Let me go first. My aunt is sick."

Me- "No. Go find another taxi," the taxi driver interrupted us.

Taxi- "Are you both gonna get in or not?"

Me- "Mianhe," I got in the taxi and Jungkook joined in. Whyyyyyyyyy???????

Taxi- "Alright where can I drive you couples?" COUPLES?!? DID HE SAY THE 'C' WORD?!?!

Me and Jungkook- "WE ARE NOT A COUPLE!"

Me- "You've got this wrong."

Jungkook- "Don't misunderstand."

Taxi- "Ah I see. So where?"

Me and Jungkook- "906 Rose Street please. Wait- WHAT?!" We both looked at each other.

Taxi- "Alright. Not couples but going to the same place. I see, I see," he started driving.

We arrived there in less than 20 minutes. We got out and payed.

Jungkook- "Are you following me?"

Me- "Are you following me?" I gave him another stern look.

Jungkook- "No. This is where my aunt lives," he raised an eyebrow trying to make me loose.

Me- "This is my summerhouse," I raised an eyebrow in return.

Jungkook- "Yah. Would you stop following me?"

Me- "I'm not following you!" I ran towards MY summerhouse while Jungkook ran after me.

All of a sudden it started raining. Aish! Luckily there was a mini roof right above the roof enough for two people. Jungkook and I went under the roof for shelter.

Jungkook- "I know it's raining but I'll let you stay at my aunts house because I'm nice," he's being cocky eh.

Me- "I'm pretty sure this isn't your aunts house. And stop talking to me," I got a phone call. It was ChanYoung.

•Me- "Unnie~~~ where are you?? I'm stuck with a stranger claiming this is his aunts house. I think he's crazy."•

•ChanYoung- "He must be crazy. I'll be there in three minutes or so. I'm almost there so just wait."•

She hung up. It stopped raining. A few minutes later a car pulled up.

Me- "ChanYoung!"

Jungkook- "Auntie!!!" We both have each other a weird look.

ChanYoung got out of her car.

ChanYoung- "EunMi! I missed you so much!- omo! Jungkook!!!" She gave me a hug and then ran towards him.

Jungkook- "Is this where you live now?"

ChanYoung- "Ani. This is EunMi's summerhouse. I just told you to stop here because I won't be at home," I gave Jungkook and look that had victory on my face.

Me- "I told you it was my summerhouse," I smirked.

ChanYoung- "Do you guys know each other?"

Jungkook- "Yeah," Jungkook scoffed and so did I.

ChanYoung- "That's great! Let's go inside," she opened the doors since she had the keys.

ChanYoung- "But before we go inside, I need help with the grocery bags in my car," she pointed to her car.

We walked to her car and OMG!!!!!! There was sooooo much food!!!! I like food!!! But there's too much to carry >_<


ChanYoung- "EunMi-ah, would it be okay if Jungkook and I spend the night here?"

Jungkook- "A-auntie, it's fine. I can drive us back to your place. EunMi is feeling very grouchy... You can tell just by looking at her face," he hid behind ChanYoung acting as if I was gonna hit him, which I was gonna.

Me- "Yah! I'm not grouchy. And it's fine if you guys spend the night here, BUT on one condition, Jungkook must be at least ten feet away from me."

ChanYoung- "Deal."

I went to my room and started to unpack. Wow. This place brings back so much memories. Me watching Kdrama, me watching more Kdrama, me fangirling, those were all the memories.

The bed here is more comfortable than the one at home. Way more comfortable. I laid myself on the bed and stared at the wall. I'm so freaking tired I could just knock out right now but I probably should go help out ChanYoung prepare dinner.

While walking to the kitchen, I heard ChanYoung and Jungkook talking.

Jungkook- "ChanYoung, you should just go rest. I'll order some food or something."

ChanYoung- "I already told you, I'm fine."

Jungkook- "But you're sick," wait, ChanYoung is sick and she didn't tell me?

I walked in on them and pretended I didn't hear anything.

Authors Note in the beginning.

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