☆Part 16☆

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EunMi's View

Someone- "Isn't the air nice out today?"

I looked at the person. It was Jimin.

Me- "Yeah... I guess so,"

Jimin- "Were you crying? Your eyes are red,"

Me- "No. I just yawned. By the way, how did you know I was up here?" I'm gonna try to change the subject.

Jimin- "I um...followed you up here," he rubbed the back of his neck.

Me- "Stalker..." I muttered.

Jimin- "What?! Stalker? No no no no no," his fingers swayed from side to side.

Me- "You are a stalker,"

Jimin- "I'm not a stalker," he started to whine like a little kid.

Me- "Aish...stop it. You aren't a little kid anymore -.-"

Jimin- "Then are you calling me a man?"

Me- "I never said that," I crossed my arms and looked at the other direction.

Jimin- "So what am I?"

Me- "You are a human being,"

Jimin- "Don't deny the fact that I'm such a hot human being and that I'm a man," I punched his shoulder.

Jimin- "Yah! That hurts! Like you said, I'm also a human being!"

Me- "Real men wouldn't say that hurts. So therefor, you are just a hot human being, like what you said,"

Jimin- "Omo! Did the amazing EunMi just called me hot?"

Me- "Omo! Did someone just say I'm amazing?" We both laughed.

We stayed up on the rooftop for a while until my phone rang.

•Me- "Hello???"•

•Jessica- "Where are you?"•

•Me- "At the hospital. Why?"•

•Jessica- "Why are you so dumb? I know you're at the hospital. Just where in the hospital?"•

•Me- "Oh. I'm up at the rooftop,"•

•Jessica- "Oh, okay then."•

She hung up. A few minutes later Jessica came up to the rooftop.

Jessica- "I thought Jungkook was supposed to stay here with you, not Jimin..."

Me- "It's fine. It's better with Jimin than Jungkook," just hearing his name wanted to make me cry.

Jimin- "I should get going.... Bye EunMi!!"

Me- "Bye..."

Jessica- "Where's my goodbye??"

Jimin- "Bye Jessica!!!"

Jimin left us alone.

Jessica- "Why are you up here?"

Me- "I want some fresh air," I lied.

Jessica- "Don't lie,"

Me- "I'm not lying," there goes another lie.

Jessica- "What did Jimin do?"

Me- "Jimin did nothing,"

Jessica- "Then what did Jungkook do?"

Me- "Jungkook? He did nothing also,"

Jessica- "Then what's wrong?"

Me- "Nothing,"

Jessica- "Just tell me, or I'll just figure it out by myself,"

Me- "Can I just be alone for now?.."

Jessica- "Yeah. And you're being discharged today so we'll leave in an hour, okay?"

Me- "Okay..."

Jessica- "I'll be in your room waiting," and she left me alone.

I don't want to be discharged. I don't want to go back to school. I don't want to see Jungkook's face.

I didn't want to make Jessica wait so I went back to my room.

Jessica- "I already got everything done. Here, change into these clothes," she handed me a long-sleeve shirt along with black skinny jeans. I went into the bathroom and changed my clothes.

I came back out and we left the hospital. Jessica drove me back home. As soon as I opened the door, JaeHee started talking

JaeHee- "EUNMI!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! YAYY!!!"

Me- "How come you didn't come visit me with Jessica?" I pouted.

JaeHee- "Because I was making a Welcome-Back chocolate cake for you!! I wished I could've came to visit you..."

Me- "It's fine, at least I got cake!"

JaeHee- "It's already sitting on the table. Should we call Jungkook and Jimin over to eat the cake with us?"

Me- "Noooo. I don't want to share the cake!!" The truth is, I didn't want to see Jungkook.

JaeHee- "Pig..." She muttered.

Me- "Shut up. The hospital food was gross," I picked up and piece of cake onto my plate and started digging in.

The Next Day

I don't want to go to school........someone...save me....

I'm pretty sure Jungkook is already sitting in his desk. I still have 7 minutes left. I went up to the rooftop with my book. Honestly I don't care if we have a small amount of time before school starts, because I am still going to the rooftop.

I sat against the wall and pulled out my book and started reading. It wasn't long when the 7 minutes was almost over. I decided to go back to the classroom.

I sat in my desk not looking or starting a conversation with Jungkook. As I sat down, he smirked. Class already started but the teacher isn't here yet. The teacher is always late -_-

I'm tired. I wanna sleep. I put my head down on my desk making sure my face was facing the window. I stared out the window. Somehow, the memory of Jungkook, Krystal, and I in the hospital came up. Thinking about it is creating a headache for me.

I was just staring out the window peacefully not creating a huge scene or something. Someone tapped my shoulders. I sat up and looked at the person. It was Jimin.

Jimin- "You feeling better now?" He smiled.

Me- "Yeah," I gave him a fake smile.

Jimin- "Don't do stupid stuff again because I don't like it when anyone close to me is in the hospital," he made a pouting face.

Jungkook- "Be quiet. I'm trying to read," he began nosing back into his book.

Jimin- "Since when did you start reading?"

Me- "Don't tell me to be quiet," I muttered. Jungkook looked up from his book. He gave me a death glare.

Looking at his face made me wanted to puke.

Jimin- "Should we continue?"

Me- "Yeah," I smiled to annoy Jungkook.

Jimin- "How was your stay at the hospital?"

Me- "It was nice. It's better than sitting here next to some lunatic," I shot Jungkook a look to let him know I was talking about him. Even though his eyes are fixed in his book, his ears are fixed on our conversation.

Jungkook- "Then come here and I'll break some bones of yours and you can continue your stay at the hospital. Better yet, maybe heaven,"

Me- "I would. But Jimin doesn't like it when I'm there," I faked a sighed and Jungkook scoffed.

Jimin- "Yeah. I don't like EunMi in the hospital because I care about her,"

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