☆Part 21☆

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Authors Note
Thanks for 30K reads!!!! And if you don't like my story, don't read it. I never forced you to read it. You may think some stuff in here isn't funny but I do. And like I said, if you don't like it, don't read it. Your story is worse than mine (I'm referring this to a hater, not you readers. And sorry if I sound mean). Enjoy. And sorry for not updating. I wasn't finished with this chapter but I think you (readers) waited too long for a chapter XD.


EunMi's View

Jimin and I walked together to class. What exactly is this feeling? It just feels like when you're on a roller coaster and you're falling down. Oh well. Probably just because I didn't eat because JaeHee was too busy talking to Mark -__-

I sat in my desk and stared out the window. I could feel Jungkook's presence. He sat down in his desk next to mine.

Jungkook- "Hey, what's up?" Why is he trying to start a conversation? Honestly I don't feel like talking right now because I'm tired and hungry.

Me- "I'm hungry," I complained to him.

Jungkook- "Did you eat?"

Me- "No >~<" I made a whiny face because I was seriously hungry.

Jungkook was about to say something but someone tapped my shoulder. It was Jimin.

Jimin- "I heard you're hungry. Want this?" He gave me bread.

Me- "Eavesdropping, eh?" I took the bread anyway. I could feel Jungkook and Krystal glaring at me.

Jimin- "I just um..overheard...haha," he rubbed the back of his neck.

Me- "Thanks for the bread!" I ate the bread quickly before the teacher came into the classroom.


Class ended and I walked to lunch hoping to find JaeHee walking to lunch. I found JaeHee talking to Mark. JaeHee doesn't pay any attention to me anymore >_<
It's because of Mark -.-

I purposely squeezed myself in between them.

Me- "Annyeong!" I was kinda squished, but it's worth it getting them kinda pissed. It's funny when they have their "mad face" on.

JaeHee- "Hi?"

Mark- "Excuse me?"

Me- "You're excused,"

JaeHee- "Yah don't be rude," she smacked my arm.

Mark- "Yeah. Don't be rude to your brother-in-law!" I almost choked on my saliva.

Me- "Brother-In-Law? You're so funny!" We all walked to lunch together and the day went just like a normal school day.

After school I went home alone since JaeHee had a "date" with Mark. Before going home, I stopped at the bubble tea shop.

Sehun- "NOONA!!"

Me- "Sehunnnnn,"

Sehun- "I barely see you come here anymore," he pouted.

Me- "Mianhe, I was busy,"

Sehun- "Busy doing what?" He is the nosy type.

Me- "Dealing with annoying people. Now give me the coconut bubble tea," I took out my money and paid him. I waited for my bubble tea.

I heard someone calling my name. It was familiar.

Someone- "Omo! Is that you, EunMi?!?!" I turned around. It was Chanyeol.

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