☆Part 14☆

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EunMi's View

We waited for a bit and then Jimin came in.

Jimin- "Did you guys wait long?"

Me- "Not at all ^_^"

Jungkook- "Of course we did! Did you go take a dump or what? It felt like an hour,"

Jimin- "Sorry, I was on the phone. Anyways, EunMi, are you feeling better?"

Me- "I'm feeling better now that you're here ^_^"

JaeHee- "COUGH COUGH I'm still here, you know?..."

Jessica- "JaeHee, let's go buy food for EunMi. She must be really hungry and I need some coffee because I'm kinda tired," she faked a yawn.

JaeHee- "FOOD?? OMGG LETS GO!" What are these two up to now? -.-

Jimin- "Let me go with you guys. You know? Incase if there's bad guys..."

Jessica- "Sure ^_^"

Those three left me. THEY LEFT ME ALONE WITH JUNGKOOK!! WAEEE??!?!?!?! T_T!!!! Awkward silence started to surround us, which was not cool. I cleared my throat and decided to break the silence.

Me- "Why didn't you go with them?"

Jungkook- "I was going to, but then Jimin volunteered. So I guess I'm stuck here to watch you," he sighed.

Me- "Watch me? I'm not a little kid anymore,"

Jungkook- "Aish, are you sure? You look like a little kid when you pout," he pinched me cheeks.

Me- "Yah! That hurts! I'm a human being too!"

Jungkook- "But your cheeks are chubby like a baby's cheeks,"

Me- "Are you calling me fat? -.-" what Jungkook said was really offensive.

Jungkook- "W-what? F-fat? N-not at all......ha......" I think my eyes are covered in flames xD.

Me- "Look at all that fat on your face too!" I pinched his cheeks as hard as I could for revenge.

Jungkook- "YAH! That hurts! It hurts more than when I pinched you!"

Me- "Are you crying?" I had laughs between my words.

Jungkook- "What? Crying? No. Real men don't cry," he sat up straight and tried to make himself look buff.

Me- "Stop. You're not a man,"

Jungkook- "I am a man!" He started pouting.

Me- "You wanna know who is a real man?"

Jungkook- "I already know. That person is me~~~~"

Me- "Actually, it's Jimin. He's got those muscles. And then there's you...who looks like a twig, but actually more like a fat pig," I started laughing while Jungkook has a jealousy face mixed with annoyance.

Jungkook- "Oh yeah? You wanna see my abs then?"

Me- "What abs?" I continued laughing.

Jungkook- "These abs," he was about to lift up his shirt.

Me- "PERVERT!!!!! OMFGGG GET AWAY YOU PERVERT!!" I turned the other way.

I heard a knock at the door. It must be JaeHee them. Good timing. They entered with like five bags of food.


Jungkook- "YAH! I'm not a pervert!" JaeHee came over and smacked his head.

JaeHee- "She is still young -.-"

Jimin- "Maybe next time I should stay while you guys go and buy stuff,"

Me- "You should. Like seriously, Jungkook is a pervert!"

Jungkook- "I'm not a pervert! I was just showing you my manly abs!" He pouted again.

Me- "What 'manly abs'?" Jungkook gave me a death glare.

Jessica- "I see what's going on here," she smirked.

Me- "Don't even think about that! You two know that I hate him -.-"

JaeHee- "What?? When did you tell us that?" Those liars -_-

Jessica- "I don't remember that," there goes another lie. I gave them both death glares.

Jungkook- "So..um what did you guys buy?"

Jimin- "We bought food,"

JaeHee- "I bought macaroons for you, EunMi~"

Me- "Macaroons!!!"

Jessica- "There's more food too,"

Jimin- "Here, this is what I got for you, Jungkook," Jimin handed a cup of ramen to Jungkook.

Jungkook- "Hyung~~~ I don't want to eat ramen~~~" he was doing aegyo now.

Jimin- "Here then, have this candy bar," he gave Jungkook a candy bar. Jungkook looked at the candy bar as if he had found his soulmate.

They stayed and we all chatted. Sadly, I won't be discharged from the hospital until I recover fully. It sucks, I have a fever now. They all left except for Jessica. She stayed with me.

Jessica- "Are you feeling better?"

Me- "Kinda, you know, these hospital clothes would be really great for your fashion company," I joked.

Jessica- "Really? I guess I'll try to make an outfit based on the hospital gowns," she knows I'm lying, but she still continues the conversation as if I was telling the truth.

Me- "You should," Jessica was about to say something but her phone buzzed.

Jessica- "Excuse me," she walked out of the room talking on her phone.

A few minutes later she came back in.

Jessica- "Sorry, I have to run to the company really quick, I'll be back in about an hour or so. You'll be okay, right?"

Me- "Huh? Oh..yeah. I'll be fine," I faked a smile.

Jessica- "I'll call someone to come over and watch you so you won't be lonely," she smiled back and left.

Ten minutes passed and someone knocked on my door. I heard two voices waking inside. And those voices belong to two annoying people. One of the voices belonged to Jungkook and the other one belonged to..........

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter >_<. Who do you think the other voice belongs to? 🙊

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