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EunMi's View

He pecked my lips and went back into the kitchen.

I suppose I should go and eat breakfast now... 


Years has passed and now I'm a senior!  It's very close to the end of the school year which means I'll be heading off to college!

Jungkook and I are still on good terms, very good terms.

Today is the day we find out if we're getting into a university! 

JaeHee, Jungkook, and I all signed up for the same university.

We were eating lunch together.  According to JaeHee, Jungkook and I were being too lovey dovey so she left to find Mark. 

Jungkook- "I'm hungry," he pouted.

Me- "Jungkook....there's food right in front of you..."

Jungkook- "But my arm is-"

Me- "Yes boss, I get your message," I started feeding him.

I literally did. 

Jungkook- "Yah that's too much!"  I shoved a spoonful of rice into his mouth.

My phone started ringing.

I check the caller ID and it was my mom...

Me- "Hello?"

Mom- "Oh! EunMi-ah, you're still in school right?"

Me- "Ne eomma."

Mom- "Call me after you get out of school, I don't want my daughter to be in trouble~"

What was that?

Jungkook- "Who was that?"

Me- "My mom," I shoved another spoonful of rice into his mouth.

Jungkook- "Yah yah yah, I'm full. What did she say anyways?"

Me- "Um she just asked on how I was doing, yeah. Not that important aha."


Jungkook and I went to the computer along with our class to check on what university we got in! I'm so excited! I signed up for Seoul Arts College and so did JaeHee and Jungkook.

I was one of the best top 5 students so that meant that I was qualified for studying abroad but I chose not to. I'd rather stay in Seoul.

Studying abroad isn't my style. I grew up in the USA, so yeah, I knew English. But then I moved here with my grandma when I was about 14. I learned Korean from my grandma whom passed away.

My grandma always said, "English at school, Korean at home," so that I will not forget my language.

Okay I'm getting really off topic here.

We have about two weeks left until we graduate high school! Yayyy.

I logged into my account and went onto the website.

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