☆Part 32☆

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QOTD- What is your top favorite kdrama?

AOTD- Mine would probably be Healer or School 2015 BECAUSE OMFGKSAJSHSH omg I forgot about Cheer Up/ Sassy Go Go!  I could like rewatch those dramas 50 times xD

BTW sorry if you see some spelling errors.  I was kinda rushing.

EunMi's View

I'm not the type to usually apologize first but this is getting a bit...ridiculous.

I walked back to Jungkook and stopped in front of him.

Me- "Can we talk?..."

Jungkook- "I have nothing to say," he didn't even make eye contact. Wow.

Me- "Stop being ridiculous will you? Follow me," I dragged him to a random place with me.

Jungkook- "What is it?"

Me- "Why are you mad?"

Jungkook- "I'm not mad."

Me- "I mean jealous.  Are you seriously jealous because I said Sunyoul was good looking?"

Jungkook- "I'm not jealous."

Why is Jungkook acting like a girl?  Is he playing hard to get? 

Okay I guess talking it out isn't going to solve this... It's clear that he's jealous. 

Am I seriously going to do this?  This isn't my style, but I have to do it so that he doesn't hold a grudge against me for his whole life.  I sighed, and then took a deep breath.

Me- "Omo!  Is my baby jealous?  It can't be!"

I saw his the corners of his lips curl up a little bit.  But then it went back to a straight line and he cleared his throat.

Jungkook- "I'm not jealous."

Me- "Yah~ Stop lying.  Sorry, okay?  Sunyoul isn't even as good looking as you!  You're the cutest baby in the entire universe!"

I can't believe I just did some ugly ass aegyo for him. 

Jungkook- "Yah!" Gosh that startled me.

Me- "What is it?" I tried acting cute.

Jungkook- "Stop being cute when I'm still mad at you!"

Me- "Mianhe, I didn't mean to say Sunyoul was-"

Jungkook- "Forget about it... I was being ridiculous.  Anyways, wanna go grab something to eat?"


A day has passed and here I am now.  I'm class.  At school.  *sighs*

How did I even end up here... All I remembered was JaeHee waking me up for school.

Gosh I'm so tired today.

I rested my head on my desk.  The teacher is always late.  She's always late.  Wait, or is it a he?... I don't really pay attention, yet I still get good grades aha.

Since the teacher wasn't here yet, everyone was like everywhere.  Not even kidding, some of them aren't even in the classroom.  Including Jungkook.

I closed my eyes.  A couple of seconds later something was slammed on top of my desk.  I opened my eyes and saw chocolate milk, along with a straw.  And Jimin.

Jimin- "Annyeong!  You seem a bit tired today aha.  Drink this," he pointed to the chocolate milk.

Just then someone barged into our conversation.

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