☆Part 20☆

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Jungkook's View

I woke up and EunMi was gone. I stood up and a sticky note fell from my head. The note said, "You better finish this. I did most of the work so the rest is for you -EunMi a.ka your boss"

I scoffed. She's my boss? Haha no. It took me about 20 minutes to finish the project since there wasn't that much left.

I woke up from such a noise.

BoNa- "OPPA!! Wake up!! You're gonna be late to school!" BoNa jumped on the bed continuously.

Me- "Arraseo. Go away," I pulled the covers over my head.

BoNa- "But the time is already 7:30AM! You're going to be late!" I immediately sat up and checked my clock. It was only 6:30AM. I still have 30 minutes before my alarm goes off.

Me- "Yah! Liar. It's only 6:30,"

BoNa- "But EunMi Unnie is here and she needs you for something. Oh wait, I'll go get her,"

Me- "Wait wha-" I didn't get to finish because BoNa left.

I immediately got up and went to my closet to find a shirt.

* Note: Jungkook was shirtless when he slept *o*

I was just about to put my shirt on when EunMi and BoNa walked in. Awkward...

EunMi- "I-I'll just g-go back out until y-you're finished changing," her face was red.

BoNa- "Unnie is blushing!"

EunMi- "D-don't lie,"

Me- "It's fine. I'm already done changing. Sit down," I pointed at my bed for her to sit.

EunMi- "So did you finish the project?"

Me- "Sh*t! I forgot about it!" I lied and facepalmed myself to make it look real.

EunMi- "Y-you forgot to do it?! YAH JEON JUNGKOOK! Do you not know how much this means to me? I want good grades! Unlike you. Aish!"

Me- "Chill... I was just lying.."

EunMi- "Yah! I don't believe you. Let me check. Give me your laptop,"

Me- "Wanna bet it's finished ?" I

EunMi's View

Jungkook- "Wanna bet it's finished?" He smirked.

Me- "Sure. If you didn't finish it, you have to do whatever I say for a month and if you did finish it, I'll do whatever you say for a month,"

Jungkook- "Okay then. Are you sure you wanna bet?"

Me- "Wae? You don't want to? Is it because you didn't finish?"

Jungkook didn't answer me and he went and opened his laptop. He opened the document and clicked on the project. I skimmed through the project. Sh*t. He finished it.

Jungkook- "Go make us breakfast," I regret this. Why was I so stupid?

Me- "Arraseo....-_-"

BoNa lead me to the kitchen. Wow. The kitchen is huge. I opened the refrigerator and I swear, there was all kinds of fruits and vegetables inside it. I wish my fridge looked like that *^*

I decided to just make eggs because we didn't have much time left. I washed my hands and grabbed a bowl to crack the eggs in.

After I finished making the eggs, I divided the eggs into three plates. One for BoNa, one for Jungkook, and the last one for me because I didn't eat this morning.

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