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Jung EunMi

-17 years old

- Lives with her best friend JaeHee

- Hates those girly girls

- Reading is her thing

Jeon Jungkook

-18 years old

- Likes to bully people

- Rich, handsome, tall, and is everything a girls wants

- Hates clingy people

Park JaeHee

- 17 years old

- Best friend of EunMi

- Mark, her big time crush

Jung Jessica

- EunMi's older sister

- Owns a big famous fashion company

A/N: So this is my first story that I'm writing xD. I might have bad spelling and grammar and stuff (even though I have auto correct xD). More characters will be introduced throughout the story. I'll try to update like 1-2 a week cause I have school stuff to deal with too. I hope you guys enjoy my story!! Btw I don't have an Instagram account that I post on so yeah..... I'll update the story maybe tomorrow when I'm free. @UnicornYixing

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