☆Part 6☆

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Jungkook's View

Aishhhh it was so embarrassing when I tripped. My plan failed! She even gave me a bandaid, but then walked away. RUDE!

Isn't she supposed to help put the bandaid on me like in kdramas

*omo, Jungkook you watch kdrama too :3?*

What?! No! I don't watch kdrama!

*lies :3*

Go away author -.-

Does she also like coconut bubble tea? She was drinking it with a huge smile plastered on her face. Aish why am I even thinking about her?!

BoNa- "Oppaaaaa!! Where's my bubble tea?"

Me- "Hehe I forgot to buy you one. Maybe next time, okay?"

BoNa- "You better not forget -.-"

Me- "Did you finish your homework?"

BoNa- "Yeah. Just finished it. But, oppa, why were you smiling at the wall? Do you like the wall? O.o"

Me- "Me? The wall? No no no. We don't have any relationship at all. Me and the wall are just friends. Right, wall?" I pretended to talk to the wall "See? The wall just told me we were just friends"

BoNa- "You better be friends -.- "

Me- "Are you going to sleep? Or are you just gonna stand here?"

She pouted and left

The Next Day

Class, School

Where is that EunMi? Now I can't insult her. That girl probably disappeared like what I told her. Haha what an idiot.

Class started but the teacher wasn't here yet so people started fooling around.

Krystal came up to me

Krystal- "Hey Jungkook"

Me- "Hey, what's up?"

Krystal- "So...I um..need help with my homework. Can you...uhmm...help me after school with it? We can go to the bubble tea shop and do my homework there"

Me- "Umm sure? So I'll meet you at the bubble tea shop after school"

Finally the teacher came. 10 minutes late

Teacher- "Sorry I'm late. Got stuck in traffic. Is everyone here?"

Me- "EunMi isn't here yet"

Teacher- "Okay. We will start learning. Take out your notebooks for notes and your textbooks also"

Krystal- "Sir, can I sit in EunMi's spot for now because I can't see and she isn't here?"

Teacher- "Sure. Just don't cause Jungkook any problems"

I could hear her squealing. What's her problem? Is she a sasaeng? O.O

EunMi's View

JaeHee- "EUNMI GET UP!! We're gonna be late!"

Me- "I feel sick" I lied "I don't think I can go to school today"

JaeHee- "Really? Well then I guess you could stay for a day if you're sick." She believed it, yesh

Me- "Okay. Have a great day at school" she left

I sighed. Don't want to see the jerk. I will seriously throw up if his ugly face pops up. I went downstairs and grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down to watch T.V. Boring news. Nothing to watch. I should've went to school TT^TT. But then there's Jungkook -.-

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