☆Part 12☆

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EunMi's View

Ughh. Why does Jungkook have to be my partner?! Out of all of these, why Jungkook?! That brainless dude. If only Rome was my partner~~~~

Jungkook- "Yah! EunMi! Hellooo?? Are you alive? Why are you smiling??" He was waving his hands in my face.

Me- "Yah! Stop. It's not your business!"

Jungkook- "You must be thinking about how fat you are compared to an elephant,"

Me- "Shut up. At least I don't look like a twig,"

Jungkook- "Who is the twig?"

Me- "Do you really not know?" Jungkook nodded his head.

Me- "Forget, it's someone you don't know," that dude is seriously brainless.

Teacher- "Okay class, have one partner come up and grab a laptop so you can do your research,"

Jungkook- "Go,"

Me- "You go, I already got the animal,"

Jungkook- "No, you go. You're the shortest,"

Me- "And you're the tallest, so you should go," we argued back and forth like that for a bit.

Teacher- "Jungkook, come get the laptop for your partner and you!"

Jungkook gave me a glare and I glared back at him. He went up and got the laptop then walked back to his desk.

Jungkook- "Here," he placed the laptop on my desk.

Me- "Thanks," I didn't really mean it.

I opened the laptop, and searched for elephants habitats. I searched what they ate, where they mostly live, and more stuff. It was almost time to go to lunch. Did I just realize that I was the one doing all the work here?

Me- "YAH! Jungkook! Get up!"

Jungkook- "Eomma, five more minutes,"

Me- "I'm not your mom! Get up! Class is almost over!" I shook him so he would get up.

Jungkook- "W.....what? I'm not in m....my bed....?"

Me- "You're in class, stupid," Jungkook finally sat up.

He was rubbing his eyes to get a clear vision.

Jungkook- "What? I thought I was sleeping in my bed...urghhh!"

Me- "You didn't even help me!"

Jungkook- "Sorry, I must've been too tired from going to- wait never mind,"

Me- "Sure, whatever. Just search more facts about elephants. Here's some facts that I already wrote down," I handed him the papers.

Jungkook- "Woah.....that's like three pages full of elephant facts," he gasped.

Me- "Yeah, and I wrote all of them,"

Jungkook- "Good,"

I walked out and headed towards the cafeteria. I saw JaeHee and Mark walking next to each other, talking. Omggggg they're making progress!

I ran up to them and squished my way so I could be in the middle, between them.

Me- "JaeHee!"

JaeHee- "What?" She gave me a secret death glare because I was disturbing them.

Me- "Never mind, I forgot," I lied.

JaeHee- "Sure you did,"

Me- "Markkkkkk!!!"

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