☆Part 28☆

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QOTD- What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

AOTD- For me... It was not getting to go to TRBimChicago...... ;-;

EunMi's View

Aish these guys just kept on trying and trying to feed me. Omg this is getting annoying.

Me- "Feed each other-__-"

Chanyeol- "We're not gay-__-"

Jungkook- "Damn right bro," omg....

Should I just? Should I just leave these two here?...


We all went to where we belong and thank goodness those two don't belong with me.

Finally home. Home is a very peaceful place because you won't hear two annoying guys talking to you nonstop. And thank goodness tomorrow was Saturday. And after Saturday is Sunday. And after Sunday is a 1 week vacation break!!!!YASSSSSSSSSS. I get to stay home and relax for 9 days.

JaeHee was going to visit her parents in Busan for the whole 9 days. She's leaving today. Omg I get the whole house to myself!!!!! EXTRA PEACEFUL!!!!

JaeHee- "I went and bought some food for you incase if you're gonna die during those 9 days when I'm gone."

Me- "Aish I'll be fine mom. I'm not gonna die. And you know, Chanyeol moved in across from us so I can just get free food from him," JaeHee's eyes widen.

JaeHee- "CHANYEOL?! PARK CHANYEOL IS LIVING ACRO-OMG. This dude is such a stalker=_="

JaeHee and I discussed about the house rules, food, and things I need to or must not do while she's gone. And then she left.


It was already nighttime. And it was raining. There was thunder and lighting too. In fact it was a huge storm. Not even kidding. Even the trees were swaying from side to side so violently. But I'm not scared. I actually find this comforting.

I was just reading peacefully until someone knocked on my door.

I got up and went to open the door. And there was Jungkook standing here and hugging a pillow. Why do I find this adorable? It reminds me of a little kid.

Me- "Hi?.. What are you doing here?"

Jungkook- "Um...my power died..and.."weird. My power is still on.

Me- "And?..."

Jungkook- "I don't like thunderstorms so can I spend the night here?>.<" he said that very fast.

Me- "Um sure. Just don't touch or do anything.." I let him in.

As soon as he stepped inside my apartment, my power went out. Great job, Jungkook.

Jungkook- "Um..the power................."

Me- "It's okay. I have candles," I turned on my flashlight from my phone and guided him to the couch.

Me- "Just sit here. There's a blanket right there if you need it. I'm gonna go get the candles so um yeah," and I left him there with no light aha.

I searched for the candles in the kitchen and the matches. I took the whole bin filled with candles with me and a box of matches.

I went back to the couch and saw Jungkook huddled up in the blanket. Damn...this dude is really scared.

I lit up two candles and set them on the table.

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