☆Part 5☆

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Jungkook's View

After School Detention

Great. I'm stuck with EunMi. Great. Just great. Ughhhhhh. This stupid girl just had to get me in detention. I swear if I see her I will kill her -.-

EunMi's View

I already told JaeHee to go home without me because I have detention TT^TT. My very first time having detention. Because of SOMEONE I'm stuck in detention. Like, what did I do wrong?! He started it first. I will kill this dude -.-

Jungkook and the teacher was already in the room.

Teacher- "Finally you're here. Sit next to Jungkook"

Me- "Uhm okay" eww why do I have to sit next to him? Gross

Awkward silence.....

A few minutes later.......

Teacher- "I have to go do something. Stay in here and do not go anywhere and don't do anything stupid -.- I will be back"

The teacher left me with Jungkook TT^TT someone save meeeee

Silence passed by

Jungkook- "Thanks a lot for getting me into detention. This is my very first time getting detention"

Me- "Umm you were actually the one who got us into detention! You were all blabbering about yourself. If you never talked this would've never happened. In fact, this is also my first detention so shut up!"

Jungkook- "No! You were the one who got us detention. You kept thinking about me so I got curious and asked you"

Me- "Me? Thinking about you? That will never happen. Unless I'm thinking about ways to kill you then, yeah. But no, I wasn't planning to kill you.....yet. I wasn't thinking about you and never will!"

Jungkook- "Then what were you thinking about huh? Were you thinking about your boyfriend? Oh wait, an ugly girl like you will never get a boyfriend. You'll be single for the rest of your life. You're just as ugly as a dinosaur. Nobody even likes you. Your parents probably didn't even want you when you were born. They probably were going to set you up for adoption!"

No one likes me? I look like a dinosaur? My parents? Adoption? No, my parents didn't do that. Tears started filling up. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? Lies.

Jungkook- "What is it now? Crybaby! I'm pretty sure JaeHee doesn't even like you. She's probably just using you. I hope you die. My grades were so fine until you just had to get us in detention. I wish you never existed!"

I couldn't take his words anymore. I ran out of the classroom with tears all over my face. I didn't stop running until I reached a park. No one was there, which was good. This park was like my childhood place. It was like a home to me. I'd come here every time something bad happened. I sat on the swing and started letting all the tears out.

Is it true that JaeHee is just using me? No. I've known her since preschool. She would never do that.

Do I really look like a dinosaur? JaeHee said I look like a normal person ("normal" xD). Am I even normal? -__-

I stopped crying and decided to walk home. It was starting to get dark anyways. Before I went home I went to a bubble tea shop to cheer up myself ^_^. Bubble Tea!!!

Cashier- "What can I help you with?"

Me- "One coconut bubble tea and a strawberry bubble tea please" I love their coconut bubble tea

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