52 | Hurt

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I wordlessly walked with Emiko, she hadnt tried to protest, as there had been a bunch of people around us, but she did look displeased at having been dragged away from my father.

"Why were you with him?" I growled. In truth, I was both pissed and terrified. I wasn't angry at her, she was so sweet she probably hadnt been able to walk away, but my voice came out that way. I quickly corrected it when she flinched. "Why were you talking to Endeavor?" I asked in a much softer tone.

"I, I was just waiting when he walked up to me, he wanted to talk."

"About?" I glanced at her with wide eyes. She looked thoroughly startled.

"You, me, our relationship."

My heart sank, I'd only left her alone for a few minutes!!! "What did he say?"

"Shouto, calm down, nothing bad happened, I swear." she placed her hand over mine, and I quickly released her, staring in shock at the red mark on her wrist. I'd been so emotional I hadn't even realized my quirk had activated, heating up her skin. "Shouto, I'm okay." She soothed quickly. "Its nothing."

I turned away, guilt and anger tearing through me as I began walking. Emiko quickly followed, explaining it didn't hurt and she was alright. I didn't listen. I needed to be alone, but I needed to get her home first.

I didn't look at her during the entire walk.

At her gate Emiko grabbed my hand and forced me to look at her. Her eyes were tinged with tears but filled with worry and fear. "Shouto! Listen to me!" She snapped. "I'm not hurt, this isn't any worse than most of the showers I take okay? I'm not upset, and you shouldnt be either, it was just an accident."

My heart screamed at me to listen, but my head was already frothing. "No, im horrible, my family causes pain." I mumbled.

Emiko did something that surprised me. She grabbed my collar and yanked me down, smashing our mouths together in a kiss. I was beyond shocked and my mind cleared in an instant. I'd only kissed her at the field because it hadnt been very public, and no one would know. This was very public, half her neighbors lights were still on!

She pulled away far, far to quickly though. Her voice nearly broke when she spoke next. "Shouto, just come inside and calm down alright? No one's hurt okay? Just come inside."

I nodded, suddenly hyper aware of the relief in her eyes, and how she was shaking slightly. I followed her inside, and we were silent as she made tea for me and a cup of apple cider for herself.

She sat across from me on the chair and kept her gaze on the floor. I sighed and reached across the empty space to cover her hands with my own. "Alright, I'm sorry Emiko. I didn't mean to worry you, nor did I mean to hurt you."

Her wrist was already back to normal, which left me with major relief. Until Emiko reached up and abruptly wiped her eyes. "I just...I don't understand, and I hate it."

I sighed, knowing I couldn't avoid it any longer. "My father, I truly believe he is a horrible person." I started. I spent a solid half hour explaining everything, making sure she understood and stopping when I felt she needed to be comforted.

By the end of my explanation I felt indefinitely lighter. Emiko was sitting beside me now, and I was holding her comfortingly.

She was silent, worryingly silent. "Endeavor, he said he wanted to be closer to you." She finally spoke. "He said he hoped being on good terms with me would help, because we're close. I only gave him my number because I want someone I who'll contact me if something happens. He's a hero, so I figured he'd know."

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