13 | I Can Help

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I walked down the street, mumbling under my breath. Todoroki had no idea how to let Emiko know she liked him, especially considering everyone shot down his idea of outright telling her. I knew he trusted me, as I was the first person he'd actually told. So I really wanted to help, especially after blurting out his secret to the entire class.

"Can we get ice cream after school if I got a good score on my test?"

I looked up at the childish voice, wondering who it was. My eyes widened when I spotted Emiko smiling down at a child, he must have been related to her because they were so similar.

"Emiko!" I waved, running towards them, I grinned at the boy. "Hi!"

"Who are you?" He demanded, looking me over. Emiko tapped his nose and he blinked.

"Im Midoriya Izuku, it's a pleasure to meet you!" I bowed. "I'm a friend of Emiko's."

She nodded and the boy smiled suddenly. "Oh! I'm Satoshi Akito! Im Emiko's brother! Do you know Todoroki?"

I nodded, walking with them as the light changed. "Yeah! I'm his friend!"

"Really? Todoroki is so cool! He spent the night last week because it got too late, did you know our uncle teaches him? I wanna be a hero! I'd work with Todoroki all the time!"

Emiko smiled apologetically. I smiled in return. "Are you guys going to school?"

"Yeah! Emiko walks me to school, it's fun because everyone likes her! I mean, she's really pretty, so of course they would, but it's really fun because she only knows me! And after school we're going to go get ice cream! I get my test back today and i'm sure i did great!"

Wow. He was really talkative, especially when compared to Emiko, who never spoke a word. "That's really cool! Do you guys like ice cream then?" If I couldn't think of anything, maybe I could get information to help? "If you'd like i can show you the best place for ice cream!"

"Where? Can he Emiko? Pretty please? I'll be good for a month!"

Emiko nodded and laughed, I was struck by how pretty her laugh was. Like a summer breeze in a forest, just beautiful. For a moment I could understand how Todoroki felt, but then she stopped and simply smiled and I returned to normal, quickly smiling to hide my astonishment.

"Can I bring Todoroki? I'm sure he'd love to see you again." I hinted.

Emiko nodded as her brother rigorously nodded his head. "Yeah! Meet us right here after school kay?"

"Alright." I waved as they began walking away, turning and hurrying towards school to let Todoroki in on the good news. I hoped he would be happy.

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