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I finished packing up my stuff, tossing my bag over my shoulder and walking to the secondary building to pick up my brother while reading. I usually read on the way home, he knew that.

"Emiko! Emiko! I got an A on my drawing you helped me with!"

I smiled at my brother, letting him talk as we walked towards the front gate. I was surprised to find a bunch of the students gathered around the gate, blocking our path. Rolling my eyes I held out my hand for Akito, who obediently took it before we began threading our way through the crowd. I didn't bother to eavesdrop as we walked, no one at this school had anything good to talk about anyway.


I looked up at the sound of my name, my eyes widening as I spotted Todoroki leaning against the gate, a small smile present on his face as he waved to me. I waited in shock as he walked through the crowd to me.

"Hey Akito."

My brother grinned up at the male. "Hi! Are you coming home to try the banana bread Emiko made?"

He smiled at me. "Yeah."

The crowd erupted in chatter and I flinched. I really hated crowds when their attention was directed at me. Before we could be trapped Akito cheerfully let it rain, and everyone scattered as I opened our umbrella. I brought it everyday for precisely this reason.

"You've gotten better at your quirk." Todoroki commented as we all began walking.

"Really? I've watched a lot of videos Glacier recommended!"

I smiled down at him, glancing up at Shouto and away again. It'd be weird for me to change what I called him, I was never really good at that. We listened to Akito happily chatter away until we reached my house, when Akito ran upstairs and Shouto paused outside the front door. I glanced back at him curiously, backtracking so I was once again in front of him.

"Are you not coming in?"

Shouto smiled. "No, I have been practicing to do. I just wanted to walk you home."

I blushed and glanced away. "Well, I liked it, so did Akito, thank you."

I flashed a small smile up at him. Shouto kissed my cheek and brushed my hair out of my face. "Expect it on a daily basis. Bye Emiko."

I smiled brightly up at him. "I'll see you around Shouto."

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