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I watched Emiko through half lidded eyes. I'd awoken to beautiful music, it had practically forced me awake. I'd felt ...amazing, as though nothing could hurt me. I'd eventually found the source of the voice, my eyes widening in shock when I spotted the flash of a silver tail beside the girl I loved.

Of course, I'd assumed it was a villain, why were the even so many around her? But panic had only set it when I saw her head disappear under the water for a second. My scream had shattered almost all of the heroes into wakefulness before I dove into the water.

By the time I reached Emiko she wasn't breathing. I'd brought her to shore and immediately started performing CPR. All the heroes had started arguing, most fishing the near dead villains out of the water.

We'd gotten her into an ambulance as soon as it arrived, rushing her to the hospital. The paramedics had gotten her heart beating again on the way there, and it has been almost a week.

I was here every second I could, bringing flowers I knew she liked along with many promises of an aquarium whenever she decided to wake up. It wasn't surprising when gifts started showing up from both of our schools. Everyone from my school missed the smile she brought onto my face, along with the many treats she made them all. It didn't surprise me she was secretly popular at her school, someone like her couldn't not be.

I currently sat in my usual spot, holding her hand to my chest and tracing patterns on her arm.

"You know, Akito misses you too." I added to my previous sentence. "He says he had a nightmare last night, and he had to ask Present Mic to sing to him." I laughed lightly. "He can't sing, not well according to Akito. Then again, who does when they've lived with your voice?"

She didn't stir.

"Hey, you're gonna fall behind in school if you stay asleep too much longer. Your friends have been recording their classes for you, but you've got to be there."


I turned my head to look at my sister. She looked upset. "Come on, we have dinner waiting for you at home."

I sighed and glanced back at Emiko. "Are you going to make me go back without good news?" She didn't reply. "Mom wants to meet you, she's waiting for you to feel your best though. Hurry up okay?" I kissed her forehead and lay her hand on her chest. She always slept on her side, I didn't like that she was on her back right now.

I went home with my sister, did my homework and ate dinner, then returned to the hospital. Recovery Girl couldn't help, it wasn't a physical injury.

When I reached the hospital again it had only just started sprinkling, and I wished I'd brought an umbrella.

"Mr. Todoroki, back again?"

I nodded and continued on my way. I walked all the way to Emiko's room, pausing outside when I heard laughter. It wasn't her, it was a nurse. I pushed open the door, my eyes landing on the nurse first. She had a bright smile on her face. My gaze then flicked to Emiko ...who was sitting up.

She flashed a small smile at me and I froze in place, afraid that if I moved it would prove to be an illusion.

The nurse smiled again, setting the remainder of the tray on Emiko's lap. "Here's your visitor now, I'll just leave you two be."

I could only speak after the door was closed. "Emiko?"

She smiled and pushed her tray of food aside, it only took a second for me to cross the room and wrap her in a hug.

"I thought I'd lost you. Don't ever, ever do that again." I tangled my hand in her hair, ensuring myself it was really her and she was truly awake. I felt her nod, but didn't pay it any mind, she probably wasn't talking because she was in public.

"God you're such an idiot." I laughed in relief, sitting down more comfortably on the bed and hugging her tightly. I smoothed her hair against her head, inhaling her scent.

I felt her shake, and was worried, she was laughing, but where was the noise??

She suddenly pulled away as she started coughing, covering her mouth as she did so. I rubbed her back soothingly, grabbing a glass of water off her tray and holding it out for her.

When she reached for the cup I froze for the second time that day. The hand she'd been coughing into was covered in blood. "I'm getting the nurse." I blurted, taking off. I returned a minute later with the nurse, who examined her thoroughly. The nurse sighed in relief, which confused me.

"You've simply damaged your lungs. You must have overused your quirk, and this is the side effect. It'll heal, but for the next month or so you'll be completely mute. You should try to avoid laughing or coughing for the next 2 weeks or so."

Emiko nodded, and my hand tightened around hers.

"I'd also suggest not eating anything like chips or anything brittle. I'd also eat a lot of hard candy, it'll help keep your throat well lubricated, which should help prevent coughing. I'll go get some pills that should help you heal faster."

Emiko nodded and she left. I relaxed slightly and pulled the girl into another hug.

"You're truly an idiot." I mumbled into her hair. "Why were you even there? You should've been at home, where it was safe. We had it handled."

She didn't attempt to respond, and I didn't give her a chance to.

"It's only a month, you'll be alright. We have a break from school next week, so we'll spend the entire time away from people. We'll just relax, if you want I can take us somewhere, anywhere you want. America, Fiji, a cruise, anything. But you have to promise to stay quiet okay? Don't hurt yourself anymore."

I felt her nod and pull back slightly, crashing her lips into mine. I didn't hesitate to return the kiss, though I was gentle with it. At first at least. Within seconds my week of emotions crashed over me and I had her pressed against the wall, my head tilted for a better kiss as I slid my hand to her back.

We broke away as someone knocked on the door. I was instantly blank faced, but Emiko was bright red as I allowed the nurse in. She smiled and set the pills by the bed.

"You should take two of these every morning. Drink a lot of water with them, otherwise theres a good possiblity of coughing understood?" Emiko nodded obediently. "Good, You should get some proper sleep now. And you," She smiled apologetically at me. "I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to leave as visiting hours are almost over."

She left after I nodded. "I'll be right here as soon as school is over." I promised, kissing her gently after she nodded. "I'll bring some of your stuff too." I smiled slightly, our faces only centimeters away. Her blush was beautiful. "Goodnight Emiko."

She smiled and kissed my cheek, before laying down. I smiled and left, pausing at the door to glance back at her. She was laying on her side with her hands by her head, just the way I was used to.

Everything would be alright.

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