57 | Ice Cream

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I smiled brightly at Shouto. He was grinning as we danced in our cave. I wanted to laugh, but I wasn't allowed yet. I'd made the mistake of laughing quite a few times though, and each time had resulted in my coughing up blood. Shouto worried every time he was there to see it happen, fussing over me frantically.

I just wanted him to be happy and relaxed, so I attempted to hide as much as I could from him. I knew it wasn't right, I knew it was unfair, but I didn't want to worry him. He'd been so worried already.

"Come on Emiko, you know you're having fun." he teased.

I playfully shook my head as Shouto spun me, bringing me back to his chest as we continued dancing to the music.

"Emiko~!" He dipped me, bringing me back quickly to give me another quick spin. I was honestly starting to get a little lightheaded. I shook my head again, forcing down the laugh.

"Fine, if you're not having fun then you wont mind if I just take you home?" I quickly grabbed his arm in protest, making a face as I almost tripped. Shouto laughed as I looked up with a shy grin.

"No need to fall for me twice, I'm already yours." Shouto had also become much more flirtatious and forward since I'd woken up, though he was still definitely Shouto.

I stuck out my tongue at him as he steadied me. My phone was on the couch, so I couldn't type any reply as he kissed my cheek.

"Grab your phone, we're going to get some ice cream."

I sighed but obeyed, knowing he'd be worried if I refused. Someone somewhere had mentioned ice cream was good for the throat, so now I had it daily. Honestly, I'd had to find so many new exercises that wouldn't make me cough just because of the amount of sugar I was consuming every day. I'd even gotten a bunch of sugar free candy, most of which sucked.

Shouto grabbed my hand as we walked, and I smiled slightly to myself. I couldn't protect myself nearly as well now because I couldn't use my quirk, and he seemed to be hyperaware of that.

We reached our usual ice cream shop and both got new flavors. It'd only been a week, but the workers already knew us well enough to grin when we walked in.

"What'll it be today?" The guy asked.

Shouto glanced at me and I scanned the menu, holding up a 2 anf a 4.

"24? Ah, you want the berry blast sorbe?" I nodded. "In a cup again of course, what about you?"

Shouto shrugged. "I'll have the caramel swirl."

"Right up!"

We waited patiently as he chatted with his coworkers and made our cups. It only took a few minutes, and I entertained myself by flipping through their book of cakes. This place was a lot like the Baskin Robins I knew, but larger.

"Here you go!"

As usual, Shouto paid. At this point I didn't even argue. He always won anyway. Shouto then took me to simply walk around town. We ended up enjoying the entire afternoon together before heading to the hospital. I'd been allowed to go home, on the condition that I came every night to be checked out.

Shouto always came with me, for which I was grateful, but I wondered if he'd rather be spending his time with his friends. I didn't like feeling this way, as though I was taking up all his time.

"You're healing nicely! I'd say its okay to relax a bit, but don't stop taking those pills or eating that candy. Don't try to talk  or laugh yet, but if you keep up the good work I'd say you'll be good to go in another week or so!"

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