33 | Shiro

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I sat quietly at the lake. Akito had wanted to go ice skating, so I'd brought him. Right now he was playing with a bunch of other kids, he really did make friends like that. I envied him sometimes for it, but not often enough for me to acknowledge it.

"So then those two make 13, but that isn't a whole number once I divide it..." I frowned at my work, scanning it for mistakes. "It'd be too big this way, what if the m was actually smaller?"

I redid my work, substituting a much smaller number in. I smiled slightly. The teacher had given us a wrong answer, probably to see how we would react to it in class tomorrow when he asked us for the answer. This wasn't a solution we could solve, not until it was fixed anyway. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

I was probably wrong.

"Hey Emiko!"

I glanced up and recognised one of my classmates walking towards me. He was pretty chill, even though he was popular. I smiled in greeting and set my pencil on my paper politely as he approached.

"I thought it was you! I wasn't sure until you turned around though." He laughed. "Are you doing the math homework? Man, it took me forever and I still haven't finished it!"

I nodded agreement.

"I think our teacher just hates us cuz we're all loud, except for you of course." He flashed a grin, I could see why he was popular.

"You coming to school next friday? I know it's the last day before winter break, but we're having a christmas party."

I nodded and reached into my purse to pull out a piece of paper, writing quickly. "Of course im coming, I try never to be absent. Besides, I wanted to make christmas cookies for everyone."

His eyes lit up. "Wait really? Like homemade cookies?"

I nodded.

"Yes! I've heard your brother brag about your cooking I don't know how many time and I really want to see if he's right about it being amazing. Look, I'm way more than willing to come over and help you in whatever way you need! You can come to my house and use my kitchen if that's better, we have a huge kitchen!"

I wanted to laugh, but I stifled it with my hand. I opted to write down my reply instead. "Are you available tonight then?"

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