53 | Endeavor

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I smiled slightly as I sat beside Shouto on the couch. He'd brought me over to his house to meet with his siblings again. Fuyummi was happily chatting with us, Natsuo making jokes every few seconds. I found it immensely enjoyable. I had a pad and paper in front of me, provided by them.

"It was really pretty!" Fuyumi grinned excitedly.

"You're acting like he gave you a new car." Natsuo laughed. "But pretty much anything makes you happy huh?"

"Hey! Im easy to shop for!" She declared proudly. "Oh, since we're on the topic, what do you like Emiko? Do you like jewelry?"

I nodded with a smile, writing down a more elaborate answer. "Yeah, I like smaller stuff though."

"Like small stuff or just earrings and stuff?"

I wrote again. "Smaller types, like necklaces with big pendants aren't my thing, but I like necklaces with small things."

"Oh yay! We should go shopping together some time! It'll be so much fun!" I smiled as she grabbed my hands with a grin.

"Didn't you just go shopping?"

We all looked up at the voice, and I recognised Endeavor. How we hadnt heard him come in I had no idea. Fuyumi smiled brightly, though I felt Shouto's hand beside mine tense up.

"Dad! HI! I did just go shopping but I haven't gone with Emiko! Have you met Emiko?"


"Really? That's great!" Fuyumi continued to babble on happily, and I shifted my position slightly so my fingertips were placed over Shouto's hand. I knew he didn't like a ton of public affection, neither did I honestly, but I was hoping this would help calm him down.

"It's a pleasure to meet you again Emiko."

I flashed a smile, praying the awkward tension would go away.

Fuyumi beamed, apparently oblivious to it, I wondered if she was ignoring it on purpose. "So now that everyone but mom is here, why don't we all have lunch together? I have some soba on the stove."

Shouto glanced at me and I could tell he wanted to leave. I smiled reassuringly and he sighed. "Yeah, we can stay. We need to call her uncle so he knows she's staying though."

Fuyumi clapped. "Wonderful! We'll all just eat in here! The next room is empty if you want to use it." Shouto nodded and led me into the room. The second the door closed he relaxed.

"Right, I'll call Present Mic."

I smiled and pulled out my phone, waving my hand to signal it was alright. He nodded and waited as I presed call, holding the phone to my ear.

"Hello!" I lowered the volume before responding.

"Uncle Yamada."

"Emiko my girl! What's happening hun? Do you need a ride home?"

"No, thank you though. Shouto's family said I could stay for lunch."

"Ah! Well then I shall inform you brother of course! Enjoy lunch alright?!"

I smiled. "Of course. Bye."


I hung up and put my phone away. "Alright, we're good."

Shouto nodded and took my hand, smiling slightly before leading me back to his family. I noticed he was much less tense, and wondered if it was because he'd had a minute to prepare. Honestly I didn't like his father, but I wanted to get along. But everything was up to Shouto, his family, his choice. If it took him 30 years, I didn't mind waiting.

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