49 | Night Time

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I hummed softly to myself as I read. It was late, but I didn't have school or any plans tomorrow, and night time was the best time to read. I was only distracted when something tapped on my window. At first I ignored it, blaming my active imagination, but it repeated several times, so I set down my book and opened my curtains.

I smiled down at Shouto before opening my window and leaning out it. "Hey."

He smiled softly and took a second to elevate himself using his ice so we were level. He leaned on the windowsill beside me. "Hi."

"Why are you up so late?" I teased.

He smiled. "Couldn't stop thinking of you. Want to go for a walk?"

I hesitated, nodding a second later. "Yeah, I'd like that." I stepped back. "Give me a minute to get dressed properly?"

He nodded and lowered himself back to the ground while I closed my curtains. It only took minutes for me to change, slipping on some shoes and a jacket before opening my curtains again. Shouto was by my window in a second, helping me out and onto his ice. I gripped his arms tightly as I struggled to stay upright, it was ice afterall.

Shouto noticed and drew me close to his chest as he slid us down to the ground, slipping his hand down to encase mine when we were safe on the dirt. I relaxed slightly.

"So where are we going?" I asked curiously, swinging our arms slightly.

"I had an idea."

I tilted my head but nodded, following him quietly down the street as I watched the stars. It wasn't too cold, but shouto made everything warm, so I didn't even need the jacket I was wearing.

"Close your eyes." I blinked but obeyed, allowing Shouto to lead me somewhere. "We're walking down stairs in a second." He informed me as we slowed. I nodded and followed him carefully, keeping my eyes closed. What felt like forever later we ran out of stairs. "Okay, you can open them now."

I blinked my eyes open, they took a second to adjust to the light, my widened when I saw what was surrounding us. "Wha..how...when..???"

Shouto smiled as I gawked at the aquarium. It was way past midnight, not a single aquarium would be open, especially not one as beautiful as this one. It was literally just a tunnel with lights in the floor and the ocean around us. Many animals swam around, hardly even noticing the glass.

"I know someone." He admitted. "No one's supposed to be down here, it's where they research the sealife without actually interacting with it. As long as we don't touch anything and lock the door behind us we're free to walk around."

Im sure my smile was brighter than the lights around us as I shook my head. "You're amazing." I whispered.

Shouto smiled and led me down the tunnel, letting me watch the sea creatures excitedly. A few paused to watch us, but most just swam by. I thought it was amazing, and my heart fluttered with excitement.

"Do you like this?" Shouto asked a while later. I beamed at him, answering by smashing my lips against his. Shouto stumbled, clearly not expecting my mode of communication, but once he'd regained his balance he didn't hesitate to return the kiss, breathing heavily for a few seconds after I broke away, my arms still wrapped around his neck. "I love this!"

He laughed lightly. "Good, I didn't realize you'd like it nearly this much."

I hummed happily, turning to stare at the sea life again. "I had no idea a place like this existed..." I murmured. I flashed a wide grin at Shouto. "Come on! I want to see if we can find any jellyfish!"

Shouto laughed as he followed me, holding my hand as to not lose track. I didn't blame him, I don't think I'd ever been this excited. It was practically my dream, seeing all the sealife without having to worry about seeing anyone else while still being able to share the moment with someone I treasured.

I didn't realize it was starting to get light outside until I spotted a set of stairs, the same stairs Shouto had led me down earlier. He smiled at my expression. "I promised no one would know we were here." He explained as he locked the door behind us.

I nodded, allowing him to lead me to the street and begin our walk back home. I hid a yawn behind my hand, tilting my head too, but Shouto chuckled anyway. "Maybe I should've saved it for another time."

I shook my head quickly. "No, that was perfect Shouto."

When we got to my house I let him in with the intention of making him tea to help him stay awake. Instead, we fell asleep cuddling on the couch, and how my uncle and little brother found us.

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