14 | Ice Cream!!

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I smiled as Todoroki and Midoriya waved, nudging Akito. He grinned widely up at me, waving enthusiastically to the two males approaching.

"Hi! Hi Todoroki! Hi Midoriya! I got a B!!" He waved the paper excitedly, showing off the red B. I smiled apologetically, knowing he probably wouldn't shut up for a while.

"Really?! Yeah! Now we can have ice cream!" Midoriya fist pumped the air, and the two began immediately bonding. I smiled at Todoroki as we fell into step behind the two. "Alright! The ice cream shop sells ice cream by its weight, so you get to make it however you want it!"

"Really? Cool!"

Todoroki smiled at me slightly. "Do you like ice cream Emiko?"

I nodded. I actually really loved it. Akito answered for me though. "Yeah! Emiko loves it as much as I do! Which is why we have it so often! Even when we lived in America we had it all the time! My favorite is mint! Do they have mint ice cream Midoriya?"

"Yeah. You moved up here from America?"

We both nodded, and Akito began chattering away again. "Yep! Where did we live again?"

I made a few signals with my hands and he nodded. "That's right! We lived in Washington! Its really different there, the trees are everywhere! Like bam! Trees!"

I stifled a laugh, my brother was hilarious. He was going to be the life of the party when he got older. "But we didn't have these pink trees! I don't even like pink but they're cool! Like who has pink trees in fall? Oh! Emiko! Can we go that show next week? I heard they were bringing some heroes from America and I wanna see Glacier! Can we? Please?"

I nodded.

"Where is it? We could bring something." Midoriya offered.

Akito grinned. "It's on Cherry street! On wednesday from six to nine! Emiko and I are gonna see if we can find Glacier!!"

"Glacier?" Todoroki and Midoriya exchanged curious glances, but we entered the shop and he was gone.

By the time we returned to the conversation we were sitting around a table outside. Todoroki shifted forward. "Who's glacier?"

"He's the coolest hero ever! He's the number one hero back home! He can make this giant wall of ice and freeze an entire city in it! I wanna be as cool as him someday!"

"Is he cooler than All Might?" Midoriya asked.

"Who's All Might?"

I glanced up as Midoriya launched into a rant about All Might being japan's last number one hero before he retired, he seemed obsessed but whatever. I finally managed to pull up the video I was looking for and leaned over to show Todoroki, pressing play while turning down the volume.

While the other two chattered we watched a compilation of Glacier, he raised giant walls, trapped villains, protected the civilians, and ended with a short video of glacier creating small ice sculptures for his fans.

"He seems like a cool hero."

I smiled fondly at my phone, he really was a cool hero, literally and figuratively.

"Should we bring anything?"

I quickly shook my head. I'd bring everything, he didn't need to trouble himself.

"Yeah! Let's bring snacks!" Midoriya grinned. "We'll bring ice cream! Anything else?"

I opened my mouth but no words came out as Akito spoke, interrupting me quickly and excitedly. "Sour cherries! They're yummy! And gummy bears and strawberries!" I tapped my finger against the table sharply and he quickly sank back into his seat. "Sorry Emiko. Just ice cream is perfect." He flashed a smile and I rolled my eyes.

"Right, what time do you want to meet?"

"Emiko?" Akito tilted his head and I put my spoon in my mouth, tapping the table repeatedly, with occasional pauses. He nodded brightly. "Okay! Em says we should meet at our house! You guys can walk with us and we can all pick a good spot together!"

We chatted for a bit longer, but eventually we did have to go home. I smiled as Midoriya and Todoroki walked us home. It was really sweet of them to do so, though it was obvious Midoriya and Akito were getting along really well comparing heroes.

"Your brother seems excited." Todoroki commented.

I nodded, to be honest, I didn't really get excited until I saw Glacier. But I did love him, he was amazing.

"I'll see you then."

I nodded, flashing him a smile.

"And Emiko?" Todoroki gave me a hug I happily returned. He whispered the rest of his sentence. "Your school uniform looks really cute."

My face instantly brightened in color as he pulled away, gaping slightly as he walked away. I was saved from having to do or say anything as Akito grabbed my hand and began tugging me inside.

"Come on Em! We still gotta make dinner! You promised to show me how to make meatloaf this time!"

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