7 | Window Shopping

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I smiled as I walked toward the group. Of course they'd all left together, so I was the last one here. I was on time though.

"Emiko! You made it!" Midoriya cheered.

I stopped in front of them and nodded, Iida egan walking immediately and I spun on my heel to follow, falling into place beside Todoroki as Uraraka began talking to Midoriya. We walked in a peaceful silence, simply listening to the others. It was nice, not having to talk. I enjoyed listening, and Todoroki seemed to share my sentiment, though he spoke more than I did.

We'd been walking for a few hours, and I was nibbling on some caramel when we entered another store. It was an antique store, and I immediately drifted to the jewelry while the others scattered. I walked slowly, scanning the shelves. I paused by one, and knelt to examine one further.

"Do you like it? It's a pretty cool piece huh?"

I glanced up at the male, noticing he wore a nametag. He worked here then. I nodded, turning my gaze back to the glass. It was a beautiful necklace, a locket. My mother had always wanted a locket, though she'd never actually bought one for whatever reason. And this one would have suited her perfectly. It was a heart locket made from two silver angel wings.

I pulled out my phone and straightened. "I'd like to buy it."

"Sure!" He walked around the counter to pull it out. "It's from the victorian era, did you know? This one was made by a really popular blacksmith, for a noblewoman. She married some cousin of the crown, and bragged about her jewelry collection all the time. It's a shame we can't find most of it."

I nodded, pulling out my credit card and swiping it when instructed.

"All right! Here you go! And here's your receipt!"

I smiled at him as I accepted the items, slipping the locket around my neck and putting the receipts in my wallet.

"I have to attend another customer. I hope you enjoy your purchase miss!"

I nodded with a smile, and examined the locket while he left. A few seconds into my examination a hand slid into my view and held the locket, twisting it for a better examination. I knew by my warming skin it was Todoroki, though I didn't turn to look at him.

He finally spoke, releasing the necklace while doing so. "It's pretty."

I nodded, tilting my head back to smile at him before rubbing my thumb over the locket. It felt nice. I grabbed his wrist and led him over to where I'd spotted a bunch of hats, Immediately placing one on his head.

Within minutes the others found us and we were all trying on hats.

I ended up smiling a lot, and by the time I went home, I felt warm.

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