48 | Detention

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I smiled slightly as I recognised Emiko walking towards me. She was wearing my hoodie. When she reached me I kissed her cheek and entwined our fingers as we began walking.

"How many times did you get in trouble?"

She pouted. "Four, and it's all your fault. Did you know you can, in fact, get detention for not wearing the school uniform?"

I laughed lightly, "I'll make it up to you, promise."

She sighed. "You'd better, thats 4 lunches I can't eat with the guys."

Personally, that didn't bother me much. But I knew she liked them so I didn't say anything. "I'll do something, I'm sure I can think of a good apology gift."

She laughed lightly. "Sure, I believe you."

I gazed at her thoughtfully, wording my next sentence carefully. "My school is having a party."

"Really? What for?" She tilted her head curiously, which was adorable.

"It's a party for us to show off." I explained while still watching her and the sidewalk. "We're allowed to invite people to the party. Basically, we show our guests what we've been doing, and introduce them to our teachers."

She didn't get my hint. "Are you inviting your siblings?"

I sighed slightly. "Yeah. It's in two weeks, on Saturday. I was hoping you'd come with me."

Understanding lit her gaze as her mouth formed a small o. I'd noticed just how many of her nervous habits she dropped when it was just us. She didn't stare at the ground constantly, and she didn't play with her hair nearly as much.

"Oh, ummm, I think I have work that day, I can switch with someone though." She smiled and I felt my body glow. No one had a girlfriend as amazing as Emiko, they simply didn't. I'd lost her twice already, and I had absolutely no intention of ever losing her again, especially not to my own stupidity.

"If you cant its alright, don't push yourself okay?"

She hummed. "Nah, I think I wanna go." She flashed a small smile at me, "You pick me up every day, but I've never actually been to your school with you Shouto."

I nodded in agreement, turning my gaze to the road next to me. I always walked with Emiko farther away from the street, it was the natural thing to do. "You have to wear a dress, it is a party." I pointed out.

She smiled. "Trust me Shouto, I've got dresses."

I raised an eyebrow at her tone. "That worries me."

She shrugged, turning her full attention to the trees we passed. "I used to live in America remember? I had lots of reasons for wearing dresses, and I actually like them."

I nodded as we reached her house. "I'll leave that to you then, it's a slightly more formal themed party."

"Okay, I'll look through my closet and see what works best." She replied as I spun her around and closed her gate simultaneously. She leaned against it, as it was the only thing between us. "Is there a specific color you want me to wear?"

I shook my head. "Anything is fine, You'll look beautiful no matter what, and it'll be warm in the building."

She nodded thoughtfully. "Okay, I'll remember that." She smiled softly up at me, we were still holding hands.

I leaned down and kissed her, long, slow, and soft. I didn't want her to think every kiss would be like last night. I'd loved it, but she deserved more than just heat. When I pulled away I slipped a small box into her hand and she glanced down.

"I'd just like it if you wore these with the dress."

She nodded and held the box to her chest. "Of course!"

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