Meng Yun Rui and Wang Xiao Chen politely bid them farewell and quickly turned around, ready to leave.

Ye Jing An saw them turn around and heedlessly said, “I will remember to tell Director Wang. You guys should take care of your body.”

Meng Yun Rui and Wang Xiao Chen staggered, wanting to cry but can’t.

Du Yu Shu laughed, “What are you doing? Why are you paying so much attention to the younger generation?”

Based on the seniority of the entertainment circle, Ye Jing An who debuted 4-5 years earlier than Meng Yun Rui could be worthy of being addressed as a senior.

“I’m just teaching them the art of words, who knows, maybe they will learn to not offend people in the future.” Ye Jing An carelessly said and took the lead to walk forward. He had reserved a private room here, however, they were delayed by Meng Yun Rui and Wang Xiao Chen earlier.

Du Yu Shu looked at Ye Jing An with amusement.

These words “not offend people” exposed Ye Jing An’s heart. Offend people, isn’t it just offending him?

Du Yu Shu found it funny that he got offended when Meng Yun Rui said, “You youngster should not speak nonsense. They obviously bumped into each other on the road.” It looks like when she and Ye Jing An fought the other time had scared them. Meng Yun Rui only said this because he is afraid they would blame Wang Xiao Chen.

They didn’t expect that it would only ignite Ye Jing An’s anger causing them to flee in fear.

It really is…..immature and spiteful.

Du Yu Shu raised her lips. But she thinks it is very cute.

“Hey, Ye Jing An,” Du Yu Shu walked to his side, “Do your fans know how childish you are?”

“....” Ye Jing An expressionlessly look at her and blankly said, “Do you fans know how much you can eat?”

“Do your fans know how short you are?”

“Do your fans know how lazy you are?”

One small disagreement could bring up past bitterness. How many days can this CP last?

When the waiter arrived with their meal, the two of them were still quarreling. The waiter grabbed her chest. It looks like the rumors are true, there is discordance between her Male God and Goddess!

What CP power, what ambiguous interactions, what warm love, what relationship, all of these are fake!

The waiter felt her heart break into a thousand pieces.

Meng Yun Rui resentfully punched Wang Xiao Chen in the shoulders, “Do you not remember how badly they fought before, it looks like they talked everything out today and have made up. Tomorrow is the fifth recording for VHA. What you did is just causing them trouble, do you want them to transfer their hatred onto you?"

“Ye ge could really kill without drawing blood, setting up a trap one by one.” Meng Yun Rui reluctantly sighed, “Don’t worry, he definitely won’t find Director Wang, but…”

“I’m hungry, you?” Meng Yun Rui emotionlessly said.

“Same.” Wang Xiao Chen calmly said, “I only wanted to say hello. Their relationship is obviously very good, I don’t see any hostility between them. Besides, they frequently interact on Weibo. Also, regarding Song Chen’s circumstance, Ye ge even strongly expressed his support for Du jie. Who would’ve thought….”

“An expert would never have a murderous aura when attacking.” Meng Yun Rui seriously said, “They have been feuding for so many years. When they filmed for VHA, they seem fine together and even played a couple in their latest movie. Work is work, personal life is personal, they cannot be mixed together.”

Yun Meng Rui sighed, “Isn’t Wang jie and Zhang jie also in a big feud? They would tear at each other every minute, but I heard they are working together on a very big variety show. In front of work, their personal grudges are pushed aside. Would you throw away a chance of participating in a huge project just because you have to work with someone you hate?”

Wang Xiao Chen honestly shook his head. Meng Yun Rui patted his back and said, “Let’s go eat.”

“Next time don’t try to link them together, who knows how unhappy they will be.”

Meng Yun Rui kindly taught Wang Xiao Chen this lesson, afraid that he might provoke someone again in the future.

When faced with fine food, the two people quickly ended their dispute. Du Yu Shu handed the paprika to Ye Jing An while Ye Jing An put some dishes on her plate. The atmosphere was very peaceful as they chat about some happy topics. At this time, Wang Jie’s call came in.

“Little ancestor, are you with Ye Jing An? Where are you two at?”

“Yes, we’re eating right now.” Du Yu Shu wiped her mouth and calmly said.

“Can you two ancestors tell us next time!” A male voice suddenly rang out. Wei Meng took the phone from Wang Jie, “We are your agents. We don’t even know your movements right now, do you want to get us fired?!”

“Ke” Du Yu Shu guiltily lets out a cough. Ye Jing An took the phone and lightly said, “We’re just having a meal. Can’t we as a couple have some time to ourselves? I clearly left you a note.”

“Note…” Wei Meng helplessly said, “Bro, when did leave me a note? What’s wrong with giving me a call or a text message instead?”

“Cough.” Ye Jing An let out a cough. Du Yu Shu took back the phone from him, “Don’t worry, it won’t happen again next time.”

“Alright, it seems like you are are going to publicize your relationship. Wei Meng and I are going to report this to the company, it is better they find out now than later. After you two are done eating, go straight to the plaza. Just wait and see what happens when you get caught by the paparazzi, humph!” Wang Jie took the phone from Wei Meng’s hand and said her piece before immediately hanging up.

When Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An finished their meal, they immediately rush to the plaza.

When Director Zhang, who had been waiting for them saw them arrive, he gave them a schedule of the events for them to see. Du Yu Shu looked over the five-page schedule and rub her forehead, “They want to put us in the same group to show that our relationship is very well.”

“Team building obstacle course,” Ye Jing An laughed, “Hopscotch, pull out radish, Director Zhang is being really troublesome….”

“I feel like it would be.”

“Who told you not to go public with our relationship,” Ye Jing An chuckled, “This is the only thing they could do.”

“I also heard Li Hong Yi is pursuing you.”



Ye Jing An walked straight to his lounge, leaving Du Yu Shu gloomily standing there alone.

How does she not know that someone is pursuing her?

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