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Song Chen is very puzzled, how did she end up in this situation.

At that time, she had a bad reputation and her father was hospitalized. Except for her best friend, Du Yu Shu, there is no one around her.

This feeling of being abandoned by the world was deeply engraved in Song Chen’s heart. Occasionally, she would look out the window, overlooking the distance, anxious to jump out and end all her problems with death.

Is death the only way to end her suffering and obtain happiness?

Song Chen doesn’t know, but she wants to try.

The first time, she really opened the window. The hot air blew in her hair. At that moment, she was very anxious to jump.

But then, her phone rang.

At first, she thought it was Du Yu Shu and didn’t want to pick it up. But after thinking about it for a while, she shouldn’t let her friend be heart-broken.

That time, she was a bit insensitive; she hasn’t been sleeping well for a few days, her emotions bottled up inside. Song Chen had felt overwhelmed, her spirit reached a critical point. She didn’t vent her feelings, she doesn’t know what she should do.

But that call was not from Du Yu Shu.

When she accepted the call, she only heard shallow breathing. When no one spoke, Song Chen asked, “Hello? Hello?” After a while, she got mad and yelled, “Are you sick!” After she finished speaking, Song Chen wanted to hang up.

There was a slight hesitation on the other end before a cold and low baritone voice spoke, “Don’t hang up.”

“I’m Gu Qian, how are you?”

“What’s it got to do with you!” When she heard the name Gu Qian, Song Chen coldly mocked, “Who are you? I don’t know you.”

Gu Qian was silent. He ignored Song Chen’s question and whispered, “Don’t worry, I will help you.”

After that, he hung up.

Song Chen stared blankly at the phone and searched her mind for any memories of a Gu Qian but couldn’t find any.

Who is this person?

Since that day, Song Chen had been receiving calls from this person. However, he doesn’t usually speak and is generally silent, so she only heard his shallow breathing.

Those days, Song Chen’s mood got terribly worse, add on to that brother’s phone calls. Song Chen although appeared to be fine in front of her friend, she felt abnormally depressed inside.

One time, when Gu Qian called, she exploded.

Gu Qian’s behavior is like he is harassing her. When Song Chen doesn’t answer or hangs up, he would call again and again until she answers. He does not speak, only his shallow breathing could be heard before he hangs up.

Song Chen would shout curses at him and he would only quietly listen before he hangs up. The next day, he would call again.

The strange thing is, Song Chen’s mood got better and could even sleep at night.

To Song Chen, venting out her feelings is a great help.

Later, when they got together, Gu Qian told Song Chen why he kept calling. He was afraid that Song Chen would get into an accident. Whether she hangs up or doesn’t answer, he is still afraid something might’ve happened to her, so he must hear her voice to feel relieved.

After Li Mo Qing’s public confession, Song Chen did abandon herself in despair. If worst comes to worst, she would marry him and give an explanation to her parents.

At this time, Gu Qian’s call came again.

That always deep and cold voice sounded, “Did you see Li Mo Qing’s public confession?”

Song Chen felt as if a bucket of cold water was poured over her as she coldly said, “So what?”

So what about it? Since the beginning, Li Mo Qing had already had many women by his side. Perhaps even before he wanted her to stop working, their relationship was already over.

Afterward, the dust settled and everything ended. Song Chen doesn’t want to think about whether Gu Qian helped or guess.

She went home, saw her parents and stayed there for a few months. After a while, when she went online, she saw Gu Qian’s name.

That Gu Qian who built his company from scratch is the same Gu Qian who has been calling her night and day?

When Song Chen started her excursion, she decided to travel around China first. Because she grew up in the north, she had never been to the south except to film so she wants to take this time to have a proper look and enjoy its scenery.

As Song Chen walk around the streets holding her paper umbrella, she suddenly understood why people would sing praises of the south. When she walked up the bridge, she occasionally glanced back and saw that man.

He doesn’t look to be handsome but he also doesn’t look ugly. He had a pair of slender eyebrows and wore a pair gold-wire frame glasses on top of his indifferent eyes. Even the button on the top of his shirt was neatly buttoned up, making him look tidy and meticulous.

This isn’t the first time she encountered Gu Qian nor will it be the last time but it is the most memorable.

At that time, she carelessly let her umbrella fall off the bridge. This type of bridge in the town is very small and the water is very shallow that she could see the dark pebbles under it. She smiled like a young school girl and said, “I really like that umbrella.”

She is implying for Gu Qian to pick it up.

She thought that people like Gu Qian wouldn’t do something so outrageous but he only calmly smiled at her with mirth in his eyes. Then he walked off the bridge and went to pick up the paper umbrella.

Someone once said, if a man loves a woman, he would treat her like a princess, pamper her, and spoil her.

Song Chen had never experienced that before. Even when she was with Li Mo Qing during that short amount of time, she was still the one who put in the most effort. His family background was better than hers so it was only inevitable that she would feel inferior and would type to cater to his needs.

But now, as she looked at the bent body of the handsome man, she was left in a trance.

Even her heart was moved.

Song Chen doesn’t want to admit it, but she almost fled.

But sometime in the future, when she went to a famous scenic view abroad, surrounded by lavender, she saw that handsome gentleman again.

He stretched out his hand and lightly said, “Your umbrella.”

When Song Chen went to get the umbrella, their fingers touched. Their eyes met, the lavender swayed in the air, exuding an indescribable aroma.

“Ah Chen, I had a crush on you for many years, did you know?”

“You don’t know, but I want to tell you, I like you.”

His eyes were filled with seriousness and sincerity. After he finished speaking, he moved his hand away and smiled at her.

Surrounded by a field of lavender, he smiled at her.

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