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Du Yu Shu felt that she didn’t need to explain herself and kept quiet.

Song Chen shuffles into the room and then stared at Ye Jing An. She turns and angrily looks at Du Yu Shu and says, “I worked so hard to support our family, I never thought… actually……”

“Wu, wu, wu, I don’t need you, let’s break up!”

Du Yu Shu, "...Did you eat the wrong medicine?"

Song Chen glared at him and then pulled Du Yu Shu out of the door. She took out her phone and said, “Let me tell you, I don’t care what kind of relationship you two have but you guys washing clean your relationship is too meticulous. You need to know, in the eyes of others, you guy’s hostility is still number one in the entertainment industry.”

She paused and continued, “It hasn’t been three minutes since you posted on Weibo and Ye Jing An already forward it and even left an ambiguous emoticon. Those entertainment reporters never found any dirt or anything interesting about you for headlines so they don’t pay attention to you. Now that you’re like this, what are you going to do? This is just like a show for everyone to watch. Now everyone online is scolding you for this PR crisis.”

“Puchi…” Du Yu Shu chuckled, “Their imagination had always been wild.”

“Can’t you take it step by step?” Song Chen coldly stares at her, “You need to give us time to process everything.”

Du Yu Shu pursed her lips tightly to keep from smiling. Song Chen pats her shoulder and sighed, “At first, I thought it was your company….”

She paused and continued, “Who would’ve thought he is at your house. Tut. If the cp fans knew, how happy would they be?”

“....” Du Yu Shu powerlessly said, “Enough!”

“Okay, I won’t bother you two anymore.I have long seen that you have dismissed me and abandoned me. Now that you found someone new, you laugh so happily but the former person is crying. Is it not enough that I leave qaq!”

Du Yu Shu, “....”
“Oh, right.” Song Chen was about to go when she looked back and earnestly said, “You should report this matter to your agents and company first, give them some time to prepare and not be taken by surprise. I have a bad feeling….”

“Okay.” Du Yu Shu felt grateful for her kindness and seriously said, “I will definitely report this to Wang Jie tomorrow.”

“En.” Song Chen laughed and walked to her apartment and waved, “Go find your new lover, bye.”

“Who was it?” Ye Jing An looked at the TV screen. He and Yang Yu Bo are looking for clues. Du Yu Shu doesn’t know where it is and smiled.

“Song Chen. Don’t tell me you don’t recognize her.” Du Yu Shu jokingly smiled, “I heard from Wang Jie you are her dedicated fan and even wanted me to help you get some autographed pictures.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know why I asked for Song Chen’s autograph,” Ye Jing An glanced at her and sighed, “It’s all because of you.”

“Okay, okay, I was wrong.” Du Yu Shu heedlessly said. Then she picked up the tablet and went on Weibo.

“What is it?” Ye Jing An also moved closer. They have already experienced everything that is being broadcasted on《VHA》, he only wanted to see Du Yu Shu and nothing more. Now that Du Yu Shu is by his side, it doesn’t matter anymore.

“Song Chen said, our act is too obvious.” Du Yu Shu sighed, “Now there are people scolding us, thinking it is a publicity stunt on Weibo. I want to see the situation myself. Although it is normal to be hated on, being in this type of situation is too unpleasant….”

It is impossible for celebrities to not have any haters, it is not like they are money. There will always be some people who don’t like them. Not to mention, there also some people out there who don’t even like money.

Ye Jing An’s eyes flashed as he quietly looks through Weibo and laughed, “They said that our ‘act’ is not good enough. Come, let’s post some more and show then what genuine acting is.”

Act this word is too extreme. Du Yu Shu smirked, “You wait at the side, don’t give young master any problems.”

Ye Jing An, “......”

The Weibo hot search ranking had changed. The small fresh meat romance had moved to third place. First is #Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu#, second is #VHA#. Du Yu Shu pointed at the tablet, “Isn’t this the second time this month we appeared on the hot search? This is the most I have been on the hot search than I have in six months.”

“At least we appeared together. It really is like husband and wife.” Ye Jing An calmly said.

Du Yu Shu didn’t bother with him. She pressed on the first place slot and was shocked by the rows of exclamation points.

Entertainment and Honor (v): In these short few days, Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An’s relationship has been quickly warming up. During these past eight years, it has been well known that Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An do not get along in the entertainment industry. However, after filming the reality these past couple of days, their relationship have been rapidly warming up. Ye Jing An even openly showed [Heart] [Heart] [Heart]. First, it is interacting on Weibo [image], then a video of the Male God and Goddess [image], then another interaction on Weibo [image], followed by a dating scandal [image], which leads up to this point, the [heart] [heart] matter. All of these, is it their mutual appreciation for one another or is it just a publicity stunt? Have they restore the friendly relations between them or is there some other intention? What had turned theses two enemies into friends in just half a month? What had led them to change so fast? –––Please look forward to the next installment where this honorable master will tell you a story, see you on Monday.

All Smiles: Do you still need to ask?! Isn’t it the company’s ploy?! What’s so interesting about this?! Is it not just for ratings?! This year, there is no artist out there who is principled and incorruptible!! This fan has become an anti-fam!! Goodbye!

Heaven Has A Way: Really disappointed. I have watched them from the very beginning. But in order for views and attention, I am really disappointed. It’s been three years, I am now just a passerby, goodbye.

No Door in Hell: Turned to an anti. It's been five years, I’ve finally seen through you, hehe [bye-bye]. Don’t say that Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu are in love. When Yang Yu Bo arrived, Ye Jing An didn’t hesitate to go with her. Those who think that they are on good terms should get their brains checked!

Tomorrow is the Same: I’m really disappointed, really, really disappointed [bye-bye] [bye-bye]. The time difference between Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An’s interaction is three minutes [image]. Who would believe that it wasn’t planned? In order for attention and ratings, is this the same low-key goddess whom I love?

In addition to these so-called fans who have become antis, there are still many fans who support Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu and fought with the haters which filled up the enter home page. Also there are some reasonable fans of 《VHA》who calmly try to defend the show, saying the program group had done a good job and there is no need to promote the show this way. However, their voices were overwhelmed.

“Tut, it has escalated this far. It looks like someone is pulling some strings.” Du Yu Shu sighed. She had seen many of these backlashes before and could tell when it is deliberate.

“And yet you are still taking great interest in this matter,” Ye Jing An expressionlessly glanced at her, “Might as well post a Weibo with me.”

“Why do we need to do that?” Du Yu Shu swings her hand, “After this time, the rumors would naturally fade away. In the end, your eyes only have me, everyone else could forget about you.”

“People like us only have out significant other in our eyes. People who can’t tell apart whether we are acting or not are not getting enough sleep.”

“Besides, people who are dreaming will never wake up. Don’t worry.” Du Yu Shu randomly waved her hand and giggled.

“Really….” Ye Jing An softly said, “What you said makes sense, there is no room for me to refute.”

Ye Jing An got off of Weibo and frowned. In the end, who caused this ruckus?

–––He can’t let Du Yu Shu get hurt.

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