diary entry 3

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What should I write in my diary?

I’ve been at a loss for a couple of days on what I should write. Instead, I have been working on my homework, but today, I suddenly got irritated.

Why does mom want me to write a diary?

For memory? To vent my feelings? Or to write before I sleep?


I couldn’t find a reason at all. I haven’t written today’s journal entry yet but I have already eaten three balls so I might as well finish writing.

I was thinking about what to write. Nothing really happened today, no, wait, how about I write about how my parents displayed their conjugal today.

Maybe I could use this to chase girls in the future =v=

#Gossip about my parent’s daily love#

I have should probably cross out that line above, lest I want to get beaten up.

Something neither too big nor too small happened today. My dad has slight mysophobia, he extremely hates cat, dogs or any furry animals. However, my mom likes them very much and really wanted to raise a Ragdoll cat. But because of my dad, she had to give up on that idea. Nevertheless, whenever we go to Aunt Wang Jie or Aunt Song Chen’s house, she won’t hold onto their bobcat or Persian Cat and wouldn’t let go. Last time, she was almost scratched by Aunt Wang Jie’s Persian Cat but she still wouldn’t let go.

A few days ago, on mom’s birthday, dad’s expression didn’t look good. I remembered wondering why dad’s face looked so ugly on mom’s birthday.

Until dad took out his present.

Yes, it is a three-month-old Ragdoll kitten.

It was so small and delicate. It’s eyes were bright and moist as it charmingly called out in it’s small and charming voice. It completely charmed my mother.

It also charmed me!

Mother posted on Weibo of her smiling beautifully as she held the soft adorable Ragdoll kitten.

Du Yu Shu (v): A new addition to our family [photo]

In the comments, many were speculating that it wasn’t dad who gifted it. Most of his fans know of his mysophobia and doesn’t like animals, especially small flurry ones. And so, it led to a heated discussion until dad posted on Weibo.

Ye Jing An (v): Really ugly // Du Yu Shu (v): A new addition to our family [photo]

This word ugly, naturally refers to the kitten. As if cast in a magical spell, the fans stopped fighting, waiting for mom’s reply.

The facts have been proven, everyone was right.

This big move, even I can’t help but sympathize with these netizens on Weibo.

Are you eyes okay?

Du Yu Shu (v): Your gift is of course beautiful // Ye Jing An (v): Really ugly // Du Yu Shu (v): A new addition to our family [photo]

I, who was at the scene, could see with my own pair of eyes, dad’s ear flushing red at that moment.

Really worthy of being my mom!

The comments were flooded with cries. The single dogs’ eyes were clearly very bright and worthy of love, but it is because of these two brats that they were abused over and over again.

I was sorry for myself.

My clean freak of a father who hated cats and dogs gifted a cat for my mother. Actually, I was pretty fine, not as worked up as those fans.

Until I saw that video.

It was from a variety show. At that time, my father is still young, wearing a white shirt, very gentle and handsome. He looks like a clean college student and very comfortable.

There was a segment in the variety show where they have the artists feed the cats some milk. The bottles were already prepared, just waiting for the lot of them to feed the cats. The other artists have already grabbed one but only father stood there like a statue with an ugly expression on his face.

The host repeated asked dad to feed the little kittens but he still didn’t move. Finally, in a daze, my father said in a cold voice, “I don’t want to.”

Blunt, unhesitating. There is no doubt about, my father hates cats.

But this father bought a Ragdoll kitten for mother. Even though he disgusted by it, I think he is used to fonding over mother.

My heart aches.

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