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Du Yu Shu let out a breath of relief.

Sex scandal and it is on the bed. Not only that, it was released by her ex-boyfriend. No matter how one sees it, it is still a big blow.

Although Song Chen may seem carefree, it can be shown through her cooking skill that she is very meticulous and detailed. The impact of this incident on her could not be underestimated. But now, it seems like she is very calm.

Du Yu Shu felt some admiration for Song Chen.

“I already ate.” Du Yu Shu put the to-go bag on the table and placed her hand on Song Chen’s shoulder, “I got you your favorite lotus root cake.”

“En.” Song Chen grunted in acknowledgment. Du Yu Shu accidentally brushed her hand and frowned, “Why are you so cold?”

“My heart is cold.” Song Chen smiled but her expression seemed weird. Du Yu Shu couldn't help but worry.

Song Chen sat by the table and rested her chin on her hand. She lazily picks on the food with her chopstick, “Yu Shu, I want to quit the entertainment industry.”

“My contract with the company expires this November, there is nothing to say. If I go home, the contract would automatically be terminated so I think it is time to leave.”

The chopsticks fell from Du Yu Shu’s hand. After recovering her senses, she asked,“Why?”

“Why should I continue to wait?” Song Chen picks the dish with her chopstick and put it in her mouth, “Don’t even try to say that it is only a temporary hitch and it wouldn’t affect me. Or that those photos are photoshopped and not real. Those nude pics have already been released, what else could I do?”

Song Chen was silent for a moment when she suddenly revealed a gentle smile. Her facial features look exquisitely delicate, like a pure white lotus. And that smile seems to have a few drops of tears in the eyes, like a white lotus instantly blooming in the water.

Du Yu Shu opened her mouth as if wanting to say some words of comfort but couldn’t bring herself to say it loud. This matter is a huge blow for Song Chen.

“I don’t have a good family background and my academics aren’t outstanding. Being a part of this circle, I did everything myself and whatever it takes to make it in this industry. When another actress was looking for a stunt double, I jumped into the river in -20 degrees weather just for a few minutes of acting before getting out from the water. The next day, some negative news of me trying to seduce the director in my wet clothes were released...”

Speaking till here, Song Chen helpless raised her hand and laughed, “So when Li Mo Qing asked me to quit the entertainment industry, I didn’t want to. I have been here for so many years and have worked hard to get to where I am now, how could I be willing to leave it all behind?”

“I suffered so much and face so much hardship, how could I be willing to leave?”

“But now that I think about it, it doesn’t matter whether I leave or not.” Song Chen smiled, “The world always seems to put the blame on women and most of the people who scolded me on Weibo are girls. I sometimes don’t even understand.”

“As an artist, I have been deprived of my basic rights. I get scolded, insulted, and watched every single day. Even when these photos were released, the first person to be scolded was me.”

"It seems like everyone has forgotten I am the victim. "

“In this type of environment, what is the point in staying?”

Du Yu Shu bitterly asked, “Are you willing to give up all your time and effort that you have spent?”

“I’m not giving it up,” Song Chen smiled, her eyes squinting, Her smile is very sweet and pleasant, “But I am tired, Shu Shu. I am tired of living this type of life. Because I have to face the media all the time, I couldn’t even get a good night’s rest. Because I am an artist, because I am a public figure, I have to smile and be positive. I can’t be sad or bitter or lost because that would only attract criticism.”

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