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After the program ended, as Du Yu Shu was about to leave the studio, a group of reporters blocked her way at the entrance.

The reporters are like hungry carnivores who just found their meat after days of scrounging. They circled around Du Yu Shu and Wang Jie while the security team tried to protect her. However, the reporters sharp and obscene words were like swords piercing her eardrums.

“Du Yu Shu, are you good friends with Song Chen? Do you know Song Chen’s situation? How do you assess Song Chen’s conduct? Do you support Song Chen to continue being in the entertainment industry?!”

“Du Yu Shu, do you believe that birds of a feather flock together? How do you judge Song Chen’s incident? Have you done anything similar? How did you become friends with Song Chen?!”

“Du Yu Shu, do you believe Song Chen’s behavior is extremely licentious?!”

“Du Yu Shu, is it true what Miss Qi Wen Chang said that Song Chen hit her?”

“Will you continue to have relations with Song Chen?”

“Did Song Chen always had an unspeakable relationship with a certain president in order for her to get up to this point in her career?”

“Do you know that Song Chen prostitute herself?!”

“Shut up!” Finally, Du Yu Shu couldn’t contain her anger at the reporters' hurtful words. She coldly utter, “Song Chen would never do such a thing.”

Du Yu Shu swept her icy gaze around these excited reporters.

Du Yu Shu unhurriedly took the bag from Wang Jie’s hand and slowly lifted it up.


The heavy object in the bag smashed against the floor, creating a loud sound and surprising the reporters. Before they could react, Du Yu Shu raised her cell phone and coldly said, “One, you guys standing around me and barring the entrance is a danger to the public safety. It could easily lead to stampede and accidents, it is a serious threat to my safety. Two, you have repeatedly slander Song Chen, causing serious harm to her reputation and dignity. We can sue you for defamation. Three, I just recorded everything, do you want to listen?”

“Four, what comes around, goes around. It is not that I’m not reporting, I’m just biding my time.” Du Yu Shu lightly said, “I advise everyone to look at yourself, are you not afraid of retribution for yourself or your future generations?”

The crowd fell into a deep silence as if it is their first time seeing Du Yu Shu. The usually cold and reserved actress just scolded them. They just got today’s headline news!

It is called “Actress was asked of filthy doings and curse at the reporters. Facts cannot be denied!”

“Du Yu Shu, are you guilty because you have done similar things?”

After a bold reporter loudly questioned her, the others followed suit.

“Du Yu Shu, are you colluding with Song Chen?”

“Du Yu Shu, have you also been in an affair with someone?”

“Du Yu Shu, did you get to your position now by selling yourself?”

From the distance, the sound of sirens could be heard. The excited reporters were caught off guard before they scurried away. At this time, the security officer who had been pushed away by the reporters earlier were able to catch a few of them. In the end, most of the reporters were sent into the police car.

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