diary entry 1

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Hello everyone, my name is Ye Mu Shu. Ye from Ye Jing An, Mu from adore, Shu from Du Yu Shu.

That’s correct, my very proud and sharp-tongued father wrote his life promise in my name.

––Ye Jing An adores Du Yu Shu.

Neither of them knew how giving me this name would leave a shadow in my heart.

The most painful thing about life is, after carrying this name for half a lifetime, it still cannot be changed

Ye Mu Shu, Ye Mu Shu, Ye Mu Shu…..

Life ah, life ah…..

With this name, who wouldn’t know I am their son. It really is….

#Showing their conjugal love, even their son couldn’t be let off!#

Cough, I am getting off topic. I must’ve participated in too much variety shows. It is a natural attribute for me to be funny.

Let me introduce myself. Ye Mu Shu, I will be fifteen years old this year and I love to participate in variety shows. Having mixed facial appearance of both my parents, I look very handsome and have some humor. In actuality though, I am also narcissistic.

Maybe it's a passed-down trait of narcissism.

My mother is Du Yu Shu, famously known as the long-time reigning Lead Actress, beloved by her fans for her strong “boyfriend” power. Although she has already withdrawn from the entertainment industry, she is still a major shareholder of Su Company with 12% of shares, second only to my uncle.

My father is Ye Jing An, famously known as the Emperor and adored by his fans. What low-key handsome and elegant gentlemen ah, he is clearly arrogant and sharp-tongued. He had now completely withdrawn himself from the entertainment industry and had begun to take over the family business.

Watching this show of conjugal love every day simply forces me to want to run away from home.

My parents are unlike any ordinary people. There public display of affection is from a whole other level. There are many times where I don’t understand what they are trying to show, only that it is painful to watch.

Aunt Wang Jie told me this is the highest level of PDA, wounding people without even noticing it.

Even though she had been attacked for more than a decade, she is still not immune. It is impossible to defend yourself from their lethality.

My parents never do these types of PDA of “I feed you, you feed me, I kiss you, you kiss me.” Instead, it goes something like this:

Ye Jing An (v): Made a cookie [photo] [photo]

Du Yu Shu (v): It didn’t taste good [indifferent.jpg] [photo] // Ye Jing An (v): Made a cookie [photo] [photo]

There’s nothing wrong with making a cookie, who doesn’t make something for their lover?

The problem is the shape of the cookie.

In the picture my father posted, the cookie was in the shape of a human. At first, I didn’t know what the comments are saying but when I enlarge the picture and looked carefully, I feel like the cookie was a mini version of someone….

Heart hurts….

Do you still need to guess? It is a mini version of my mother!

The resentment in the comments is very powerful! There were also a group of single dogs who had been badly injured by this golden couple and of course, I am one of them. [Cold Indifference]

And mother’s picture, hehe…..

You say that it is but the plate is empty with some remnants left on your hand. You can say whatever you want but your actions speak the truth [bye]

Most importantly, this son, whom they have given birth to, did not even get to eat a piece of that cookie [Bye]

These two people always have a way to blind single dogs. Even married couples could not avoid their surprise attacks.

And I, have been attacked every day.

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