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Ye Jing An (v):  [Heart][Heart][Heart] //Du Yu Shu (v): Are you going to help me [Meow] @Ye Jing An

Ye Jing An didn’t type any texts but with three emoticons and those emoticons are his feelings. All could be implied from these three emoticons.

After Du Yu Shu sent out the post, many fans who have been paying close attention to Weibo immediately forwarded. Many cp shippers even wrote, “No regrets in life,” “Faith had changed,” and so on. But in less than three minutes, Ye Jing An forwarded the message and didn’t say anything except for three emoticons.
Isn’t this a driving force of their cp!

What could be sweeter than officially passing out candy?!

These two days they have been showing their sweet affection and it has been killing them!

Many fans clutched their heart and yelled they have no regrets in life and then burst into tears. Their adorable cp who have been cold to each other have been very sweet together. It’s just like a dream.

It really is like a dream.

Du Yu Shu thought this.

These past two days, she and Ye Jing An have been mutually doubting, questioning, tormenting each other having some expectation and hope of their relationship.

And today, they are sitting so close they could smell each others body wash. As long as she turned her head, she could see the other’ person’s phone screen.

Du Yu Shu looked at the heart emoticons on the phone screen. Even though it is small, it seemed to fill her vision.

“I have no other choice.” Ye Jing An shrugged. Even this small action is handsome and elegant, “Someone refuses to publicize her relationship with me so I could only use this method to express my feelings.”

“......Someone just doesn’t look up to me.”

Ye Jing An smiled at her, his eyes shining brightly.

“I didn’t.” Du Yu Shu countered and pursed her lips, “Whatever, we still have to meet our parents…”

Ye Jing An’s eyes flashed and deeply smiled, “Then when should we meet the parents?”

Ye Jing An’s eyes flashed and deeply smiled, “Then when should we meet the parents?”

Du Yu Shu, “.....”

This rhythm is a little fast….

“If I recalled correctly,” Du Yu Shu expressionlessly said, “We only just confirmed our relationship tonight, don’t you think we moving a little too fast?”

“But Shu Shu,” Ye Jing An slowly said as he quietly gazed at her. His eyes were deep and heavy, as if he was brewing a century-old wine, “I have been waiting for you for more than ten years.”

He quietly said this, his eyes showed some disappointment and frustration.

Du Yu Shu felt her heart twinge. He waited for her for ten years, why didn’t she wait for him for ten years?

They have wasted so many years, do they have to waste more?

“Then I will tell them,” Du Yu Shu heard herself say, her heart relaxing, “I will soon bring back this ugly daughter-in-law to see the in-laws.”

Ye Jing An did not have any comment. The purpose has been achieved so he was in a good mood.

“My brother doesn’t seem to be in the country.” Ye Jing An contemplated but couldn’t figure out where his brother went off to, “I’ll have to call him tomorrow to hurry and come back to meet his sister-in-law. But there is something that I need to tell you in advance.”

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