epilogue 3

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The weather these past two days have been good. The cool morning breeze brought with it a grassy scent, making one feel relax and happy.

Ye Jing An isn’t around so Du Yu Shu sat alone on the patio and enjoyed the gentle breeze and watching the flowers sway in the wind. It really feels like she is living an idle life.

Du Yu Shu brushed through Weibo and found it to be boring so she watched the latest episode of 《VHA》. When the new episode of 《VHA》aired that day, she fell asleep and wasn’t able to watch the live broadcast.

Du Yu Shu’s lips raised into a smile, all her attention focused on that handsome figure on the screen. His every movement was graceful. She praised herself for having good eyes.

–––She didn’t see him for a few hours but she already misses him.

Du Yu Shu looked up at the sky and saw that it is getting hazy. She remembered the weather forecast saying that it will rain today. She hesitated before dialing a familiar number.

If she remembers correctly, Ye Jing An didn’t bring an umbrella with him when he left the house.

“The number you have dialed did not answer. Please try again later…”

Du Yu Shu was at a loss for a moment and then faintly smiled. She hung up and continue to watch the video.

It has been two days since that incident and Weibo is still in an uproar. However, both sides did not step up to confirm anything, including their agents and the company. They only let these good and bad comments continue.

Du Yu Shu originally thought Ye Jing An would take advantage of this time to request to announce their relationship but he didn’t say anything.

Du Yu Shu tightly tugged at her clothes suddenly feeling very old. She picked up her tablet and walked into the house.

“Quick, quick, quick,” A few men cautiously ran over. Ye Jing An harshly whispered, “Quiet down, don’t let her hear!”

Inside, Du Yu Shu lazily walked over to the window and glanced outside. She couldn’t help but smile.

Do those sneaky people outside think that she wouldn’t notice?

Their actions were like those paparazzi who would follow her around, how could she not notice anything at all?


Sure enough, you do lose some IQ when in love.

Forget it, it’s fine as long as she is smart.

She quietly made a cup of flower tea and waited for Ye Jing An’s result.

Du Yu Shu felt really great today.

Ye Jing An thought of numerous ways to propose, from big gestures to small gestures. He had thought about it a bunch of times. When their alternate accounts were revealed two days ago, he was shocked but it made him aware that marriage was imminent.

His numerous ideas could not be used anymore so he spent an entire night with his bad friends and lost a couple of brain cell as he decides to propose.

He had wanted to reveal their relationship long ago.

Half an hour later.

“Shu Shu,” Ye Jing An smiled, “Can you come out for a minute?”

“Okay.” Du Yu Shu smiled as held the phone. She walked out to the patio and was left speechless.

Champagne roses were laid out to spell Du Yu Shu’s name surrounding by heart-shaped candles. It was surrounded by an even bigger heart. The warm light from the candles softly flickered against the tender and delicate roses creating a romantic atmosphere. In the middle of it, all was Ye Jing An who was down on one knee. His eyes shone brightly as he softly looked at her.

“Yu Shu, will you marry me?”

“Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, even death cannot separate us.”

“Are you willing to be with me?”

Ye Jing An’s firm and the smiling voice sounded in her ears. Du Yu Shu looked at him and their eyes met. They could only see each other’s tender and loving gaze.

She slowly nodded.

After so many years, her dream finally came true.

The pigeon egg-sized ring sparkled in the light. He gently smiled and sweetly kissed her on the forehead, showering all his love and care with that kiss.

Their dream finally came true.

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